Easy money…

That’s what the stock market looked like for many investors this year. But don’t expect that to continue. 2021 will be a different beast entirely. And when it comes to stocks, the winners and losers will depend on how a few key themes play out.

For the last Your Money Matters of 2020, Ted and I break down the five things every investor needs to watch to protect and grow their portfolio in the new year.

Get Smart to Make Future Returns

“Past performance does not guarantee future returns.”

Everyone who’s been making money in the stock market this year should take that disclaimer to heart. Next year, it won’t be so easy to make big gains.

Watch today’s video to be a smarter investor in 2021. You’ll also discover:

  • Why Wall Street’s darlings are now the soft underbelly of this bull market. (12:17-14:19)
  • The sectors that could be big winners thanks to the $15 trillion (!) worth of pent-up service industry demand. (14:19-18:17)
  • How to make profits from China’s economy without buying Chinese stocks. (18:17-20:52)

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