A dark alley at night in an unfamiliar city…A distant scream from an unknown animal in the middle of the woods…Subtle scratching of claws from the other side of a pitch-black underground tunnel…As frightening as these situations can be, they pale in comparison to the fear we experience as traders.Inflation, bad earnings reports, ridiculous tweets from psychotic CEOs…All of these things cause our hearts to race, beating rapidly through the floorboards, a tell-tale trader now in full panic.  I go through it myself…My 3 biggest fears are broad, but they encompass the horror we face in this market of terror lately.

  1. Losing Money. Like anyone, I hate to lose money. And I’ve done it in excess this year. I’ve mentioned before that my accounts are down roughly $100,000 on the year so far. That’s mostly because of my holds to the long side, which I fully expect to recover eventually, but it’s been a nightmare nonetheless.
  2. Being Wrong. Of course I hate losing money, but I hate being wrong even more. As a “guru”, whose purpose is to guide you into financial freedom, one of my biggest fears is steering you wrong. You’ve put your portfolio – and more importantly – your trust in me, and nothing scares me more than misguiding you. Now, it’s impossible to know the future, and even less possible to be right 100% of the time, but I hold myself to a high standard… And being as accurate as possible, as often as possible, is the standard for me around here. I’m not perfect, but I can strive for perfection. That’s why I’ve been so selective with my official signals lately. And seeing how lucrative the Trade Room has been for so many of you so consistently has done wonders to ease my fears.
  3. Getting Long, Then Immediately Watching Stock Fall. This has happened more times than I’d like to admit, and it’s terrifying every time. As you know, I’m a bull at heart… And when I have a feeling about getting long, I charge in headfirst. This has worked out for me more times than not, but the fear of seeing my investment start to dwindle so soon is a feeling that still sends shivers up my spine. Thankfully, most of my trades are vetted through my scanners while prowling for unusual options activity. So if this happens, I know I’m not alone. Some hedge fund manager is losing a lot more money than me. It’s still scary, but less so somehow.

So, what are your biggest fears in trading?I’d love to hear what bumps and thumps keep you up at night.  So, if you’d like to share your fears, go ahead an email them to me at TradeKings@banyanhill.com. Maybe I can help ease them however possible.Speaking of fears, I think one we all share is the ever-looming threat of pushing back the age of retirement.I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dreaming of that day since I joined the workforce. However, for many that dream has turned to a nightmare reality of a killer clown kicking the can of retirement further down the road.But with Trade Kings, we’re helping folks reach retirement sooner than they ever thought possible. The Trade Room has been providing triple-digit winners on a daily basis. You’ve all seen the chat screenshots to prove it. Now it’s time you stop reading those comments, and start writing them yourself.All you have to do is click here to become a member today.We’re not dressing up as Trade Kings for Halloween… We’re living like them every day of the year. Come join us.Enough of the horror show, let’s brighten the mood with my watchlist for this week.

The Kings Corner Weekly Watchlist

Here’s what I like:

  1. Peloton Interactive Inc (PTON)
  2. Bed Bath & Beyond Inc (BBBY)
  3. AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC)
  4. Revolve Group Inc (RVLV)

My free trade idea is to:Buy RVLV November 18, 2022 $30 calls (for $0.90 at the time of writing).As always, we won’t be tracking this free trade idea on any online portfolio. So, if you take it, you’re on your own.But we’ve now had a spectacular 7 straight weeks of winning potential with these trade ideas.If this streak keeps up, and this idea makes profits of 50% or more, you should consider getting out of it for a decent gain.And if you make money on this or any idea shared in the Trade Room this week, email me at TradeKings@banyanhill.com and tell me all about it.

Happy Halloween, Kings!

Andrew KeeneEditor, Kings Corner