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It’s my favorite day of the week here at Winning Investor Daily: Reader Appreciation Day!

This is when we turn the spotlight off our usual tech trends and onto your emails.

But before I jump into this week’s email, I want to acknowledge that I miscredited last week’s feedback.

It was our friend Tim, not Dale, who wrote in to say that he’d appreciate having a fully autonomous car soon — especially an Apple Car. Sorry for the confusion, Tim! You can check out the corrected post here.

winning investor answers: end-of-banks

With that, let’s jump into our RAD mailbag!

Winning Investor Presents: Reader Appreciation Day

This week, Amber and Ian both asked you hard-hitting questions.

Amber asked: Do you think oil-rich countries will ever go electric? Why or why not?

Here’s what you had to say:

(Note: These responses have been lightly edited for clarity and length.)

Big disaster!!! No infrastructure in the U.S. to handle EV recharging. Bad plan at this time. Ask Europe who is now at Russia’s mercy for their energy. The U.S. will be at China’s mercy if [we] continue the mad green energy policies of Wind and Solar energy. Fossil fuels are cleaner and better for our U.S. Economy and we have plenty of it in our country. Mining minerals for EV batteries causes more environment damage than Fossil Fuels.

We are being misdirected by our government. Get ready because we are headed to make the same mistakes that Europe has made.

Wake up, America!!! Get ready for crazy high energy prices this winter when in contrast we should have the cheapest Energy in the world. FOSSIL FUELS. It is still not too late. George

I really like [Lucid], but finding out Saudi Arabia is the largest shareholder and is going to build a factory concerns me. The country is not exactly a paragon of good governance. It’s misogynistic and butchers journalists who advocate for equality and freedom. What a wretched disappointment.Mark

And on Wednesday, Ian asked: Are you fed up with banks and ready to switch over to DeFi apps to manage your portfolio, cash and savings?

You didn’t hold back!

Ian C. wrote:

Would you really miss your bank? Lol, absolutely not!

I for one am waiting for the day that DeFi completely sweeps over our financial system! I also can’t wait for blockchain to take over our voting process and commercial inventories and medical data, etc. In the name of deflation and efficiency, this technology cannot get here fast enough!

Steven writes:

Hi team, love your work.

I have been in crypto for years now, just investing in coins for the tech. What they stand for and because the banking system has basically failed us.

I think Ian and others are talking crypto sense through educating us.

I am 100% behind the evolution to a fairer system being adopted and have skin in the game personally.

But I still don’t really know how to use the apps or the tech where I could access finance for real use case scenarios in my life other than investing in the growth of the coin or the technology behind it. With the investment potential to make money in the future off of it as opposed to utilizing it in my life today for day to day benefits.

If you can explain that simply with good examples that are being used as I am sure everyday people will see the immediate benefits explaining the potential faster.

 This evolution and investment in innovation is so promising. I am a true believer as this will make the world today a fairer and civilized place we can get a chance by participating in more transparency with efficiencies more equally.

Keep an eye on out on our Winning Investor Daily YouTube Channel as we launch a brand-new Crypto 101 series aiming to do exactly what Steven suggests!

And last but not least, Gary writes:

Yes, I would miss my bank. I’m one of the Luddites that depends on cash to due to my business.

I buy my groceries with it and my gas. I use my checkbook to pay my bills and my VISA bill when

I have to use it. I still get interest on the account and pay no paper fees or monthly charge.

At one time I was more into using credit cards, but after having to change my Kohl’s twice and

now the VISA four times due to them being hacked by various methods, I’ve limited myself to

VISA and PayPal when I can use it. Oh my car is a 2010 Hyundai Sonata with 30,000 miles on it

and no dashboard display taking up 1/4 of the dash as an attention diverter.

I do believe like Charles does that a financial item should have something tangible about it. So

I do have gold, silver and platinum.

Thanks, Gary. If you’re interested in alternative ways to store your wealth, make sure to follow Winning Investor Daily on social media (especially Facebook and YouTube!) for details on a special event Ian is holding on Thursday, October 13. Stay tuned!

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