Story Highlights

  • Two ways for novice investors to begin the journey to getting “happy rich” in 2020.
  • No. 1: An investor with 35 years of experience on Wall Street whose “Alpha-3” approach helped him identify the best way to invest in the artificial intelligence mega trend.
  • No. 2: An experienced geologist who will guide you to the most profitable investments in natural resources — including a metal that’s worth billions to pharma companies, and two companies that will skyrocket from the demand.

Last week, we unveiled our goal for you in 2020: to help you get “happy rich.”

We shared what that means to each of our Winning Investor Daily experts.

And we asked you to tell us what happy rich looks like in your own life.

Our team read all of your responses, and one thing is clear: Happy rich isn’t a dollar amount.

Certainly, having money is part of it.

But it’s not greed that’s motivating you. It’s generosity.

Whether that means being able to take care of your loved ones, to support your church or your favorite charity, or to live a healthier lifestyle — you’re counting on us.

For instance, take a look at what Vicki C. wrote:

We enjoyed getting to know you better based on your definitions of happy rich.

And we’re motivated to help you get there this year!

What Happy Rich Means to You

Thanks to all of you for writing in! And if you’d like to share what happy rich means to you, send us an email today!

Below, you’ll find our first suggestion for getting happy rich in 2020.

Happy Rich: Step 1 (for Novice Investors)

We know we have thousands of readers. Some are novice investors, some are frequent traders — and everything in between.

Because of that, we offer a lot of financial products.

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which one fits best with your goals, risk appetite and comfort level.

If you’re new to investing, we have two experts with low-priced products designed for beginners.

1. Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor Report:

Charles is a former Wall Street trader with 35 years of experience. If you’ve kept up with his Winning Investor Daily articles or his YouTube channel, you know how great he is at explaining complex financial ideas in simple, memorable ways.

His Alpha Investor Report service gives you access to his groundbreaking way of investing — an approach that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of how much money you have, your investment acumen or your risk tolerance.

Charles shows you exactly how to get in on amazing companies that are flying under Wall Street’s radar and ride your shares to stunning gains. These are the types of lucrative companies that most investors don’t recognize until it’s far too late.

Charles was bullish on Microsoft at a time when many turned their noses up at it. CNNMoney said its stock was in a “decade-long funk,” and Wall Street saw “a blue screen of death in their future.”

But Charles knew better. And if you’d followed his lead, you would have rewarded yourself with a profit of over 400% by now.

With a subscription to Alpha Investor Report, you’ll become a part of Charles’ inner circle and benefit from his 35 years of experience.

One topic Charles has researched and written about extensively in his research is the artificial intelligence (AI) mega trend. He’s already identified one company at the forefront of the AI market — a market that’s expected to surge as high as 100,152%!

Find out all about this innovation here.

2. Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist:

Matt is our resident natural resources expert. A geologist by training, he has more than a decade of experience researching and investing in natural resources, which are responsible for many of the greatest fortunes in history:

  • T. Boone Pickens was worth $500 million.
  • The Hughes family fortune is worth $43 billion.
  • The Rockefeller fortune is worth $318 billion.

You see, most investors overlook the many natural resources surrounding them every day — and the enormous profit potential they offer.

It’s understandable. This is a tough sector for most traditional financial analysts to navigate by themselves.

It’s not because profits are necessarily difficult to achieve.

The key is having the right guide.

And with Real Wealth Strategist, you’ll have that guide in Matt.

Matt is an expert in mining, energy and agriculture, and he’s traveled all around the world to make profitable investments in natural resources.

His philosophy is simple: The best way to be sure your investment is safe — and correctly made — is to go see for yourself.

Matt’s experiences have taught him to look for certain signs that mean a commodity is about to move, leading to opportunity after opportunity for his readers.

With Matt, you’ll get the chance to get in on the stocks that have passed his system for profits every month from the fastest-moving natural resource stocks on the planet.

Matt follows the cycles in natural resources, and he’s going to release a report any day now to readers of his research service that reveals which commodities are expected to rise — and tank — this year.

To find out more about a metal that’s worth billions, maybe even trillions, to the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies — and two ways you can invest in it — go here now.

If you’re a more experienced trader, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about you!

Stay tuned for next Saturday’s wrap-up. I’ll tell you about several of our premium services that are designed for those of you looking for higher risk — and higher reward. (Plus one safe, reliable service that boasts a win rate over 90%!)

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Stay tuned for Monday! Matt Badiali will be reaching out to you about one of his favorite natural resource sectors: cannabis.

Good investing,

Kristen Barrett

Senior Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily