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  • The topics you most want to hear about: tech stocks, cannabis and artificial intelligence.
  • Recap: Our experts made forecasts about how to profit — and stocks to avoid — in these sectors and others this week.

We were thrilled that so many of you took our brief survey last week to tell our experts what topics you were most interested in hearing about as part of our special 2020 Forecast series!

As we wrap up that series, I want to make sure you know how valuable your input is to us … and to highlight our experts’ videos and articles about your most requested topics.

Take a look at the chart below with the results of the survey.

2020 Forecast Survey

“Which topics would you like our experts to focus on in their forecast articles next week? (Select all that apply.)”

Our experts addressed your top three topics and more this week!

  1. Tech stocks: Chartered Market Technician Chad Shoop took your most requested topic into consideration when he recorded this week’s Bank It or Tank It Chad explained whether the massive tech stock Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) is set to move higher — or tank in the new year.
  2. Cannabis: Pot stock guru Anthony Planas predicts that one major innovation will create a cannabis boom in the new year. He shared two great ways to play it!
  3. Artificial intelligence: In Alpha Investor Report Editor Charles Mizrahi’s latest eight-minute video, he explained the massive growth potential of artificial intelligence stocks — and one way to profit from them in the next 12 months!
  4. Recession: In Apex Profit Alert Editor John Ross’ Chart of the Week, he explained why — recession or not — he believes the Dow will rally 13,000 points next year.
  5. Seasonal trends/patterns: In Chad Shoop’s Winning Investor Daily article this week, he discussed why three major stock trends point to a bullish 2020.
  6. Mining stocks: Matt Badiali shared his forecast for junior mining and cannabis stocks in the new year — plus two great buys you can make today.
  7. BONUS — Cannabis stock update: In Anthony’s Planas’ weekly Marijuana Markets video update, he discussed attacks on two of the biggest names in North American cannabis this week.

Watch Our Other YouTube Video!

We have one more great video to share this week!

  • Chad Shoop’s five-minute YouTube post, “The New Year Rally: 3 Stock Trends Signal a Bullish 2020.”

Check out the articles below if you missed any of our experts’ advice last week.

And stay tuned! After we’ve spent this week looking forward, our experts are going to send some of their best research of 2019 your way during the holiday week.

Good investing,

Kristen Barrett

Senior Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily

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