Our Saturday Market Insights series has wrapped up for 2019.

I’d like to give a special thanks to our video team, graphic designers, social media specialists and everyone else who worked hard this year to make our video series as awesome as possible.

In case you missed some of the great content our team put out in 2019, here are the year’s most popular Market Insights videos.


5. Emerging Markets: Your Destination for Ultra Fast Growth

The U.S. isn’t the world’s fastest-growing economy. Not even close.

That honor goes to emerging markets such as China, Ethiopia and India. Each of those countries has gross domestic product growth of 7.4% or better, while the U.S. only has 2.3%.

And the best part? Emerging-market stocks are a bargain right now.


4. REITs Absolutely Crush Stocks — Why You Need Them Now

REITs, or real estate investment trusts, can be a confusing asset to some investors.

But during the period from about 1995 onward, REITs have blown away the stock market.

And that’s in addition to having great yields.


3. No. 1 Tech Play for the Manufacturing Recession

Tariffs have created a lot of uncertainty regarding supply costs and consumer demand.

And U.S. households could pay nearly $1,000 more over the next year because of tariffs.

But there’s one tech industry that actually stands to gain from a global economic slowdown.


2. Recession Alert: Your Plan for Market Chaos

A yield curve inversion has preceded each of the past seven recessions.

And in August, the yield curve inverted for the first time since 2007.

That means investors need to plan for potential market chaos.


1. The 5G Boom Is Here: Double Your Money Fast!

4G came out in 2009. That means it’s been an entire decade since our internet got an upgrade.

We’re overdue for faster connections that will enable the apps and devices of the future. Fortunately, 5G is already rolling out in parts of the U.S.

This lightning-fast tech is more than 10 times faster than the 4G internet we use now.

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Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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