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5 Reasons the Market Might Crash

You’ve heard it all … from the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes, the war in Ukraine to China’s COVID concerns. Despite all that, the market’s doing alright. But what if that could change in an instant? In today’s update, I give you the insider knowledge on what Wall Street won’t tell you. I have five ways the stock and bond markets might tip toward a BIG crash and what you can do today to protect yourself.

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The Fed’s Market Crash Trigger?

This is a special interview Jim Rickards. He’s a former advisor to the CIA and a leading financial expert who’s got a shocking new theory on the EXACT DATE that the next market crash could take place – and more importantly, how you can be prepared. His theory is based on the research of technical trading pioneer Edson Gould, and it’s something you won’t want to miss.

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The 1 Thing That Could Cause a Stock Market Collapse

“Collapse” is the most frightening word in any investor’s vocabulary. It refers to a steep and sudden decline in stock prices much larger than the standard -20% definition of a bear market. Fortunately, such collapses are rare. But they all have one thing in common: liquidity — the presence of willing buyers — evaporates. In today’s video , I explain how these dreaded events occur … and what to watch for when one threatens.

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