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3 Stock Picks as Market Breadth Sinks

Markets were down sharply this morning as fears of a possible Lehman Brothers 2.0 unfolds in China. Still, the S&P 500 has defied reason this year, as a handful of big, strong companies, such as Amazon and Facebook, keep pulling the market higher. Beneath the surface though, most stocks are in correction territory. This kind of “breadth deterioration” has preceded many significant market declines. So … is it time to get out of stocks? Ted and Clint show you what’s going on behind the curtain and reiterate a classic strategy to help you get ahead. Plus, you’ll see that big names aren’t the only way to play this lopsided market with the three stock picks they reveal at the end of the video.

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A Lightbulb Moment for the IoT Industry

As any economics textbook will tell you, capitalism is all about competition. Every company wants to make a better product at a lower price compared to its rivals. They compete for the best talent. When inputs are scarce, they bid furiously against each other for them. But one of the most remarkable facts about capitalism is that some of the biggest and most profitable breakthroughs came from cooperation…

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Renewables Resurgence? 4 Plays to Profit

After pulling back steadily for months, Thursday saw a big jump in renewables stocks. This prompts the question: is it time to start buying back into this sector? Consider that solar produced less than 4% of the energy in the U.S. last year. Also, consider that the Biden Administration wants to take that level to 45% by 2050. That would be an enormous jump. So, in today’s video, Ted answers that question … and then gives details on how to go about it in a smart way.

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Investment Catastrophe or Hidden Opportunity?

Today, I decided to continue the theme by addressing another difficult part of an investment writer’s job: the model portfolio.

A model portfolio lists all the current and closed positions in an investment service like The Bauman Letter, Profit Switch and Flashpoint Fortunes (or the exciting new service that “Mr. Bullseye” Clint Lee is about to launch that lets you see a countdown before a stock slingshots upward).

This gives subscribers a view of the service’s track record.

But in a trading environment like 2021, model portfolios can be misleading … especially when they obscure the potential for much better gains.

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