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Latest Insights on GDX

3 Funds You Can “Buy on the Dip” Right Now! Matt Badiali and Chad Shoop recommend three sectors set to rally higher this year. (2-minute read)
A 25% Gain From This Trade Already — It’s Time to Buy More Gold Stocks Gold prices are climbing. They are driven by fear in the stock market. But while the yellow metal is on the rise, investors are afraid of gold socks. Matt Badiali sees the massive opportunity here. (2-minutes)
Gold and Gold Stocks Are the Investment of the Next 25 Years Gold prices are on the rise, and many investors are selling their shares. But the U.S.-China trade war and slow growth in the U.S. economy will make gold a favorable hedge. Matt Badiali talks about the huge disconnect between gold stocks and Wall Street, and why it’s time to follow the smart money and invest in the yellow metal. (3-minute read)
Gold Stocks Are up 18%: 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Gains The market’s sentiment toward gold is misleading. Many investors believe it to be dead, but the Federal Reserve’s decision to cut rates and the recent movement in the stock market show the yellow metal’s rally isn’t over. Anthony Planas talks about the increase in gold prices and how you can add exposure to the precious metal to hedge your portfolio against market risk — as well as supercharge your gains from its rally. (3-minute read)
Copper Is the New Black: “Buy on Black!” for Profits Simple stock trading can generate gains to keep you content. But there’s a way you can beat the sporadic single- or double-digit gains. John Ross and his team have developed a system that’s proven to yield double- and triple-digit gains over and over again. And he’s sharing it with you today. (2-minute read)

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