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Big players are leaving Facebook’s libra cryptocurrency in droves. It’s time for real crypto investing advice. The U.S.-China Trade Deal Bamboozle: There is No Trade Deal
by Joseph Hargett October 14, 2019 Great Stuff
You’ve Been Bamboozled Something is bothering me, dear Great Stuff readers. I feel you’ve been done a disservice by the financial media after Friday’s trade-deal love fest. So, to make things painfully clear, let’s just put this on the table now: There is no trade deal. I know, I know. You were told on Friday […]
Great Stuff 7-18-2019 Netflix Battles the Strangest Things
by Joseph Hargett July 18, 2019 Great Stuff
Did you cancel your Netflix Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) subscription? I didn’t cancel my subscription. So, that makes two of us still here, probably. Unless you’re sharing my account. I have been getting a lot of weird suggested shows to watch recently. Hmmm… The world’s largest online streaming company reported its second-quarter results last night. While […]
Top Stocks for When the Fed Cuts Rates I decided to research which stocks in the S&P 500 Index did the best during the past four rate cuts. You’ll be interested to learn what I found…
Millennials Spark Disruptification in the Fashion Industry — Here’s How to Profit The coming of age of the millennial generation is creating a shift in big companies across the board. Millennials are becoming the world’s most powerful consumers and reshaping the retail industry.
Tap Tech Revolution IPOs for Triple-Digit Gains What do these three stocks have in common? Amazon. Netflix. eBay. They are some of the best-performing initial public offerings (IPOs) in modern times. These companies also share a special trait that boosts them into the stock-price gains stratosphere. They are game changers. Simply put, they changed an existing way of doing something in an […]

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