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A 5-Year-Old Girl’s Credit Score Was Just Ruined Forever
by Jessica Cohn July 21, 2018 Privacy Invasion
It’s easier than ever to ruin a preschooler’s credit score. Identity theft is becoming such a massive trend that not even kids are safe.
3 Biases Losing You Money Right Now If you understand your knee-jerk investor biases, you’re primed to protect your wealth from yourself — and stay ahead of the curve.
Amazon: Can — and Should — It Be Reined In? So why has Amazon’s share price fallen more than 10% since late February? And why does President Donald Trump hate it so much?
Rare Retail Opportunity The Retail Resurgence Is a Rare Opportunity The sell-off turned an already undervalued group of companies into a heavily undervalued group. Yet the news keeps getting better for retail.
The biggest sleeper in the new tax regime is the elimination of almost all “miscellaneous deductions.” Believe me, you’ll thank me for alerting you to this little morsel now, at the beginning of the year, when there’s still time to do something about it. Tax Reform: The Devil’s in the Details
by Ted Bauman January 29, 2018 Taxes
The details about tax reform are only now becoming clear. When it comes to warnings, however, better late than never ... especially when your money is involved.

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