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Intel Says You Should Buy Mobileye Meme Intel Mobilizes Mobileye; AutoZoning Out; Hydrogen’s Battery Assault
by Joseph Hargett December 7, 2021 Great Stuff
What Do You Do With A Drunken Intel? Great Ones, Intel (Nasdaq: ) was back in the headlines today, but not because it finally solved its productions problems. No, Intel is back in the headlines because it officially announced that it’s spinning off Mobileye — the AI self-driving vehicle unit it picked up back in […]
innovation will outlast inflation Innovation Will Outlast Inflation (4-minute read) As we head into the rest of the holidays, many people are worried about inflation and empty shelves for good reason. But here’s why we’re still optimistic for what’s ahead…
the fed wardrobe change Fed Tightening? Time to Change Your Financial Wardrobe
by Ted Bauman December 7, 2021 Bauman Daily, Economy, News
At first, it was tough to forgo almost all carbohydrates except those from vegetables … especially from a guy renowned for his pasta dishes. And my breakup with rice was especially poignant, given my love of South and Southeast Asian food. But I made the changes — and today I’m better for it. The Federal Reserve’s recent hawkish turn suggests a different kind of belt-tightening is just around the corner. Just as I had to give up some things to achieve the goal of a stable, healthy me, financial markets must make some changes if the Fed starts tightening interest rates. What are they likely to be, and how could they affect your portfolio?
negative interest rates America 2.0 in 2022: Negative Interest Rates [2022 Predictions Series] What it means for YOUR growth stocks.
Why You Should Never Enter Trades Without an Exit Plan Why You Should Never Enter Trades Without an Exit Plan Many traders open a position without a sound exit plan. Not Mike Carr — his upcoming ETF strategy uses logic to determine when to sell.

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