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Anyway, Here’s Great Stuff

Today, Great Ones, is the day we’re gonna throw it back to you. By now, you should’ve somehow realized what you gotta do…

Don’t worry, it’s not a rousing chorus of “Wonderwall.” But feel free to sing along at home — I can’t stop you there. (And yes, maybe I’m still singing along in my head. I said maybe…)

Anyway, like I said, today’s Great Stuff is all about you, Great Ones.

Me? Little ol’ not-so-humble me?

Oh, the very same!

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If you remember last Wednesday — lol, as if — we put out a poll for you and your fellow Great Ones, wondering exactly which part of Great Stuff you think is, well, the greatest.

There are no self-aggrandizing, ego-boosting shenanigans here, by the way.

Not any more than usual, at least. We want your honest opinions on what you enjoy reading, simply so we can keep giving you more of it.

Yeah! Feed the addiction!

That’s what I’m saying. Plus, your thoughts help us keep things fresh, and no one likes an un-fresh Great Stuff.

You’re too late to join last week’s poll, of course, but feel free to chime in with your opinions via email:

Without further ado … the results!

About 7% of you voted for Friday’s Reader Feedback as your favorite, holding up the rear. (I know, it’s like voting for your favorite child — or your favorite pizza. I’ll vote for the pizza.)

Next up came the feature sections with 14% of the votes. This includes quotes, charts, polls, all that jazz.

Then it’s a big jump up, with a whole 28.1% of you voting for the opener — the big picture conversation and the main topic of water cooler conversation. Hey, who doesn’t love a good rant to get the day going?

Great Stuff Reading Poll I See You Have Chosen Saruman Meme

But by and large, the winner with 50.9% of the votes is … drumroll please … the stock sections!

Yes indeed, the original Great Stuff that kicked off this whole stock-slinging, meme-making shindig to begin with.

To all of you who voted, thank you! We deeply appreciate it — and there’s no sarcasm here, for once.

Now, you might be wondering why we’re making such a big to-do about one single poll. I mean, isn’t that what the Poll of the Week section is for?

But this is no mere poll, you see!

As I said, today is all about you. And seeing as how the Great Stuff team has somewhat run for the hills for some summertime vacationing — everybody’s gotta escape the bunker sometime or another — we’re going to bring you more of what you love most.

As always, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts, questions, concerns, hopes and dreams in the inbox anytime at all.

Sound like a plan, Stans? Now, on with the show!

Editor’s Note: Sike, I Had More To Say

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Good, Better, Best

Good: All Day I Dream About … Staffing Shortages?

Korn Ferry Corporate Consultants Meme

I hoped you booked your tickets aboard the Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY)! The management consultant stock just took off today, soaring 5% after a banger of an earnings report.

Wow, that was a korny lead-in, even for y’all.

Unlike its name would suggest, Korn Ferry doesn’t ship grain or transport nu metal bands. But it does handle corporate consulting, a phrase which is begging for someone to bring out the corporate BS generator.

Taking a look at Korn’s report tells you it’s into “empowering talent,” “unlocking potential,” “business transformation assessment and succession” … all the buzzwords you’d expect. Basically, it handles staffing. That’s it.

Need somebody someone to help reorganize, restructure or recruit for a big business? Korn Ferry can talk the C-suite team through it. You can see where this kinda company could come in clutch in a turbulent labor market.

In fact, Korn says a tight labor market and a skilled labor shortage are here to stay for “years to come.” While the job market uncertainty isn’t great for, you know, workers, this is excellent news for any of you KFY investors out there. (Seriously, do any of you own this stock? Or have even heard of it before?)

Korn Ferry’s double-beat-and-raise report has the company optimistic right now, raising next quarter’s guidance far above analysts’ estimates. In a labor market that’s quickly coming undone, Korn Ferry has got the life.

Better: Winnebago’s A Happy Camper

I Don't Always Go Camping Winnebago Most Interesting Man Meme

Come on, Great Ones. You didn’t really think we’d pull over for an RV rest stop after yesterday’s rundown of Thor Industries, did you?

Even with gas prices reaching “sell a kidney” levels, the RV market still has plenty of mileage left on it — and if you didn’t believe us before, maybe you will now after taking a gander at Winnebago’s (NYSE: WGO) latest earnings report.

The rough-and-tumble RV maker posted a profit of $4.13 per share on $1.46 billion in revenue, beating Wall Street’s consensus estimate for $2.96 per share. Not to mention Winnebago’s revenue revved a full 52% higher quarter over quarter — and 41% higher year over year.

Not too shabby, considering inflation — not to mention said obscene gas prices — continue to ravage most of the country.

When asked how Winnebago keeps motoring on despite its many cost challenges, CEO Michael Happe said:

We have been successful in managing supply chain disruptions, improving dealer inventory levels, navigating cost inflation and driving manufacturing productivity to deliver consistently strong results.

Then came the even better news: According to Winnebago, it’s seeing zero decrease in outdoor participation from its camping-ready customers. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

As a result, investors pushed WGO stock up 3% today on this much-needed positivity. How’s that for putting on a Happe face, huh?

Best: Sit Just Got Real

La-Z-Boy Friends Recliner GIF

Ah, time to relax — you know what that means.

A glass of wine, your favorite easy chair. And of course, this Great Stuff pulled up on your home computer. Or, you know, whatever device you like to read our rag on…

All nice and comfy? Good. Just don’t go nodding off on me now. I know how easy it is to fall asleep on these cushy sofa stocks…

What in the actual hell are you going on about?

Well. I see you weren’t one of the La-Z-Boy (NYSE: LZB) investors who wined and reclined in style this morning after LZB stock soared nearly 9% higher on news of record settee sales.

Wall Street was worried that La-Z-Boy might be in the hot seat as inflation heats up, but the armchair aficionado nearly doubled its earnings year over year — earning $1.33 per share in the fiscal fourth quarter compared to $0.81 per share in 2021.

What’s more, La-Z-Boy said:

We expect our strong balance sheet and significant backlog will allow us to move through the current uncertain period and make important investments in our furniture as we deliver returns to all stakeholders.

Now, it’s important to note that declining furniture sales and bear markets go way back — almost as far back as an actual La-Z-Boy recliner. (Wayfair investors … y’all still breathing out there?)

But with LZB stock bucking the current inflationary trend, it makes you wonder: Maybe people are still willing to pay up for quality items that are built to last … versus flimsier furnishings they’ll just have to replace in a few years.

After all, as the saying goes: “Buy once, cry once.” Which, as it happens, I’ve also found applies to certain investments — especially during down periods like the one we’re in now.

Take crypto, for instance.

Has the crypto market gotten the snot kicked out of it lately? You bet it has. But as Ian King keeps telling us: Down periods give us the opportunity to buy small stakes of the best coins while prices are dirt-cheap…

And then sell those stakes for a profit once prices rebound again (as they always do).

So save those crypto crocodile tears for another day, Great Ones. Opportunity’s knocking — and those who answer the call have the chance to make money off a coin that experts say will become 20 times bigger than Bitcoin.

All the details are right here for the taking — but don’t delay.  

As always, if you have more to say on today’s La-Z lineup … or just want to reminisce about your favorite RV road trip … email us at

Meanwhile, you can also keep up with all the Great Stuff action you might’ve missed right here:

Until next time, stay Great!

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