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The Clint-erview Part 2: Quant Club Boogaloo

Boom — we’re back, baby! Back in the Great Stuff interview studio, that is.

Like we told all y’all yesterday, we’re dishing out more of your favorite Stuff from Great Stuff — and we’re kicking things off with a $2 trillion bang.

That’s right: Clint Lee is in the house to blow our minds with some mad hacker skills he’s been using to spy on Wall Street’s $2 trillion “Quant Club.” (And just to avoid any scandal: No supercomputers were harmed in the making of this interview.)

Trillion-dollar Quant Clubs, hacking the planet … it’s all on deck today. So without further ado, let’s get to it!

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Great Stuff:

Clint, my man! It’s good to have you back with us again.

It’s not every day a former $2 billion quant fund trader graces our humble abode with their presence. Come to think of it, you’re the only billion-dollar quant fund trader who’s ever dropped by…

But anywho. You’re looking good, my friend.

Clint Lee:

Ha! Graced with MY presence? Hardly. It’s always Great, well, Stuff sitting down with you Great Ones, good sir.

Great Stuff:

Mi casa es su casa. We’re all pumped to have you back for another Great Stuff interview!

All the Great Ones had some serious love for our last Clint-erview with a vampire. And from what I’ve heard, you came with game for round two, ready to play big and serve up, umm, even more sports analogies.

Clint Lee:

You got that right, partner.

Great Stuff:

I heard that … pardner. You can take the man out of the country and put him on Wall Street, but you can’t take the country out of the man. Or something like that.

I know you came a long way to get here, Clint, so feel free to grab that ice-cold TAB in the minifridge with your name on it. Consider it a grand gesture in regard to your Greatness now that you can’t get any more of those things … you know, with Coke killing the brand during the pandemic and all.

Clint Lee:

Hmm. If it’s all the same, I’ll stick to a Coke. The extra sugar and caffeine are conversation fuel, and I’ve got plenty of Great Stuff to share with you today.

Great Stuff:

Pitter-patter, let’s get at ‘er, shall we?

Tell us what’s shakin’, Clint. What has the “King of Quants” been cookin’ up since we last met?

Clint Lee:

As far as what’s shakin’? That’d be the market. It’s shakin’ like a wailing baby who just had a lollipop ripped from its little mitts.

Clint Lee profits in a bear market meme

Call me “Captain Obvious,” but what most people don’t understand is that this market is shakin’ like never before. And it’s not because of a bear market, inflation, consumer confidence, global conflicts or anything else that may be top of mind.

We’re talking about something much bigger.

See, there’s a massive change taking place on Wall Street. And it not only has the old guard shaking in their Gucci loafers — it’s already starting to shift their power to a whole new breed of investor.

Why else would the CEO of Nasdaq declare: “It is over. The trading that existed down the centuries has died.”

Why else would a billionaire like Phillippe Jabre — one of the largest asset managers in the world — shut down his entire fund and admit to The Economist that: “We can’t even come close to competing in this game.”

I could go on with more teary-eyed testimonies from Wall Street’s old guard.

But the bottom line is this: A new breed of investor has finally overtaken Wall Street — and the game will never be the same.

Great Stuff:  

Well, there’s some good news you don’t hear every day. ‘Cause us Great Ones aren’t quite the white-shoe wearing, Rolls-Royce driving, silver-spoon eating investors … so, bully for the old guard.

What’s up with this new breed of investor? Are we the new breed?!

If these are the peeps making the big money as they chase off the old guard, we wanna know more about it. So lay it on us, Clint.

Clint Lee:

You might want to snag that cold TAB, Joe. Because what I’ve been cooking up is hot … real hot.

I’m talking “markets dropping 20% into bear territory since the first of the year, while my readers are up double digits and sitting pretty with a 90% win rate” kinda hot.

Great Stuff:

Woah, woah … easy there, Gunpowder. I gotta pull the reins before I fall outta the saddle.

You’re saying that you’re up double digits — with a 90% win rate — while most folks (Great Ones excluded) have lost their shirts as the market dropped 20%?

Clint Lee:

Yup. You got it. And that’s just a taste of what I’ve been cookin’ up.

Not only have we scored a 90% win rate and stayed money-good while most investors got crushed … but we’ve also racked up 28 wins out of 35 closed trades for a grand total of 237% returns since I first launched this new strategy.

Great Stuff:

Holy smokes, Clint. You said this was gonna be hot, but you didn’t tell me it’d be sizzlin’ like a platter at Chili’s.

Clint Lee:

As you know, I spent my time on Wall Street as a quant trader, managing $2 billion in assets. That was when quant trading — also called algorithmic trading — was just starting to take hold on trading desks up and down the Street.

And with computing power doubling every two years, it wasn’t long before quant traders were strapping SpaceX rockets to their desktops and making money hand over first.

In fact, these quant traders now control $2 trillion in wealth.

Great Stuff:

Dang. That’s a lot of cheddar. Sidebar: You know how much cheddar $2 trillion could buy? That’s like … four bags of Sargento at today’s prices.

Clint Lee:

Yeah … sure. Whatever you say, Great Stuff.

AI Quant trading vs retail traders meme

Here’s a cheesy fun fact for you: Add up all the stocks trading daily in the U.S. markets, and you’re looking at about $317 billion. But the quants control more than six times that!

These days, thanks to new advances in AI tech and powerful cloud-based supercomputers, I have access to more raw computing power on my iPhone than I did when I was coding algorithms on Wall Street.

And after two years and five semitrucks of Mountain Dew, I have a system so powerful and so precise that I can see when that $2 trillion in quant money is on the move — not to mention which stock is about to get flooded with a boatload of cash.

I call this the “Cash Tsunami Trade.”

Great Stuff:

Fun facts? More like Fund Facts…

Man, I’m hella glad we got the “King of Quants” right here in the studio. I mean, if you know where the money’s going and what stock it’s about to flood … that’s like shootin’ fish in a barrel.

Clint Lee:

You’re telling me.

Believe it or not, we’ve seen as much as $26 billion hit a single stock in a single day… And that same stock saw $87 billion sunk into it over a five-day period. Hence, a “Cash Tsunami” that you can use to your advantage.

Had you been part of my Flashpoint Fortunes family, you’d have banked 114% in just six short days on that stock. Not bad for less than a week’s worth of work, huh?

Great Stuff:

Grab bow, grab arrow … shoot fish. That’s my kinda hunting — er, trading.

Clint Lee:

That’s the beauty here. Once the trading algorithm is programmed into the system, hunting profits is that easy.

In fact, I’ve made it super simple for all the Great Ones reading this to get in on these Cash Tsunami Trades.

All the analysis is coded into my system. And when my system sees a flood of cash coming, it triggers an alert … which I then run a quick analysis on to confirm the trade.

The rest is gravy.

In fact, I’ve gone through every effort imaginable to automate this system so you can sit back, relax and make the trades as they come.

Like I said, thanks to AI and cloud computing, I now have more computing power at my fingertips than I did when I was on Wall Street managing a $2 billion quant fund.

Bottom line: With everything we’re seeing in the markets right now, I wanted to make it easy for people to profit in any kind of environment. So it was worth the trip to get my butt back over to see you, Joe.

And after scoring a 90% win rate with double-digit gains — all while the markets fell 20% — I didn’t want any Great Ones to miss what could be one of the biggest trading opportunities this year.

Great Stuff:

Thanks for letting us peek behind the curtain of the quant wizard den, Clint. I know many Great Ones will want to dig deeper to see if this Cash Tsunami Trade is right for them.

But is there any way we can see it in action? Like … right here, right meow?

Clint Lee:

Absolutely! My colleague Ted Bauman and I recently hopped on a video call to go through the Cash Tsunami Trade in full detail.

We have a ton of people in our inner circle looking to get their hands on this algorithmic strategy.

Clint Lee welcome to the family meme

Actually, we just put the finishing touches on the video … and I want your Great Ones to be one of the first people to see it.

Well … outside of my mom, Ted’s mom and a few other folks in our inner circle.

Great Stuff:

Aww, thanks Clint. It warms my frozen-over heart to hear Great Ones have (almost) made it into the family.

You and I have a lot of catching up to do offline, and I don’t want to hold Great Ones back a second longer from getting the skinny on your Cash Tsunami Trades.

So how do we hook them up?

Clint Lee:

It’s super simple. All you need to do is click here to check it out!

Great Stuff:

Great Ones, you heard the man!

You’ve got a chance to get in on Clint’s Cash Tsunami Trades before they’re aired outside of the Flashpoint Fortunes family!

If you need more convincing (yeah, right) let me tell you: I’ve rarely seen a track record as compelling as Clint’s. I mean, 28 wins out of 35 closed trades is no joke — especially with a total return of 237% since his strategy first went live.

To recap: That’s a 90% win rate for the positions he’s recommended in 2022 … and all the while, the market’s melted down by 20%.

This tells me two important things:

  1. When the market goes up, people make money — but Clint makes way more money.
  2. When the market goes down, people lose money — but Clint still manages to make money.

Yup. I’m sold.

I’m gonna jump on this link here to watch Ted and Clint’s video — and I encourage you to check it out as well.

With that, I’d like to say thanks to Clint and his team for joining us in Great Stuff’s virtual studio today.

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Until next time, stay Great!

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