Amazon used to trade for over $1,000 a share…But as of this month, shares are now available for only $100.And, just as expected, hungry investors swooped in and sent the stock soar—No, wait…That’s not quite how the story went.See, in early June, retail giant Amazon (AMZN) announced a 20-for-1 stock split.It was a strategic move to boost the struggling stock.But instead of sending the stock up, or even creating a bottom…It called the short-term top.Shares tumbled 17% in the week following Amazon’s stock split.Now, one Big Money trader thinks this was overkill…They bet a whopping $1.3 million that shares would rise through September.Amazon is a top FAANG stock. It certainly has a lot of promise to be a market leader over the next 5 to 10 years.But can it really turn things around in the next three to six months?That’s a separate story…In today’s Bank It or Tank It, I break down exactly what’s going on with Amazon. Click here or the image below to watch now:

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