I love pizza. I could eat it for almost every meal.

I love it so much, I wouldn’t mind opening my own pizza place one day.

Let’s say I get the funding and do my research. I find the best location. I hire the best staff, chef and advertising firm. And I finally open my pizza shop.

I’ve done everything right so far. But there’s something else you need in business: patience.

So let’s say one week after my restaurant’s grand opening, things aren’t going the way I expect. Sales are slow and not many people are coming in.

I decide to change course. I switch my pizza place to a steakhouse. But it happens again. Another week goes by and business is still lagging. This time, I want to try switching to a sushi restaurant.

Doesn’t sound like the smartest business model, does it?

Yet as silly as it sounds, most people make this very real mistake when it comes to investing.

They follow one approach. And when it doesn’t work right away, they immediately switch to another.

One week, they’re buying high-flying tech stocks. And when those take a hit — just like they did earlier this week — they panic.

They switch to the next asset or market sector going up — only to fall into the same trap.

It’s no wonder they don’t make any money.

But real investors know better. They know that they need a solid approach when it comes to making money, one that’s time-tested and backed by experience.

And Alpha Investor Editor Charles Mizrahi has created exactly that…

An Approach That Actually Works

Charles has 37 years of experience on Wall Street. He’s a former investor, money manager and hedge fund manager. He’s seen all that the market can throw at an investor.

And he used that experience to develop a foolproof approach to investing. He calls it his Alpha-3 Approach. Charles will only buy into a company if it passes his three filters:

  1. Alpha Market. He looks for businesses that will profit from riding tailwinds of mega trends in major industries.
  2. Alpha Manager. He looks for businesses with rock star CEOs at the helm — managers with excellent performance history.
  3. Alpha Money. He looks for businesses that are being seriously undervalued by Wall Street and selling for a bargain.

Put simply, you’re buying great companies at bargain prices. Then, you let them run higher.

This kind of approach helps you stay confident in your investments. It takes your emotions out of play.

That way, you’re less likely to be drawn into volatile assets — like cryptos and commodities — just because they’re in the green that day. And you won’t have to worry about day-to-day market movements either.

Now, Charles is on a mission to help millions of Main Street Americans just like you get their fair share of the American dream. He wants to help you all achieve your financial goals by targeting these Alpha stocks.

These stocks are the leaders in the stock market … and they can help you grow your money to power your retirement and American dream.

In fact, he recently revealed one Alpha company that’s at the heart of America’s resurgence. To find out what it is and follow his approach, you’ll want to check out his American Prosperity Summit right here.


Lina Lee

Managing Editor, Alpha Investor