“Just keep drinking the lemon tea. I’m sure it’ll clear up soon,” my mother said over the phone.

I’d had a sore throat for almost a week, and it was only getting worse. My mother’s home remedies were doing close to nothing for me.

“I think I’m going to try MD Now,” I said wearily, referencing the local urgent care. I’ve always hated going to the doctor, but I was running out of ideas.

It took the doctor one quick peek down my throat to figure out what was wrong.

“You have tonsillitis,” she said. “I’ll call in an antibiotic for you.”

Within a couple days, I felt worlds better. My fever broke, the pain subsided and the rasp in my voice all but disappeared.

I’d never been so relieved to have gone to the doctor. But I suddenly felt very silly.

Why had I taken my mother’s advice for a week before I finally saw a professional?

In hindsight, it seems obvious … but it’s an easy mistake to make. And it’s one that people make all the time in the investing world.

Take advice from the wrong source and boom — your financial future plummets before your very eyes.

But what if you put your trust in someone with real experience — someone whose track record could speak for itself?

Someone like Charles Mizrahi.

Put Your Trust in a Professional

With 37 years of experience in the market as a former floor trader, money manager and hedge fund manager, Charles has the kind of credentials it takes to put your mind at ease.

He and his team commit countless hours to scrutinizing stocks before he recommends them.

In other words, he does all the heavy lifting for you.

Because his ultimate goal as the editor of the Alpha Investor is to make money for Main Street investors simply and easily. And he’s crafted his tried-and-true Alpha-3 Approach to do exactly that.

For every company Charles evaluates, he focuses on three things:

  1. Alpha Market. He looks for businesses that will profit from riding tailwinds of mega trends in major industries.
  2. Alpha Manager. He looks for businesses with rock star CEOs at the helm — managers with excellent performance history.
  3. Alpha Money. He looks for businesses that are being seriously undervalued by Wall Street and selling for a bargain.

If a company doesn’t check off all three of these boxes, Charles doesn’t recommend it. Because in 37 years, he’s seen what works — and what doesn’t.

Best of all, he provides you with a level of confidence that allows you to buy into his selections … and then relax.

You don’t have to worry about or check in with your stocks because Charles’ expertise gives you the confidence you need to invest without stress.

This is the kind of confidence that Charles offers to all of his readers — and some high-profile ones at that.

In fact, one such reader is sharing her experience to prove to Main Street investors that Charles’ Alpha Investor research service is the real deal when it comes to achieving financial freedom.

You do not want to miss out on this incredible story — or the returns you could see by subscribing to the research service yourself!


Nicole Zdzieba
Assistant Managing Editor, Alpha Investor