As the old quote goes: There’s nothing more infuriating than seeing your brother-in-law get rich by doing something stupid.

And these days, it rings truer than ever. People are making money left and right on investments that make no sense.

They’ve been going all-in on Dogecoin, which spiked as much as 123% in just one week.

Or special-purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), like Mudrick Capital. It’s taking collectibles company Topps public. And in the past few weeks, it’s risen as high as 70% intraday.

Now, people are even getting into sneakers and Pokémon cards. Recent reports say that the exploding card demand in particular is causing round-the-block lines at retailers…

america pokemon card trading crisis headline

Clearly, some people are flush with stimulus cash that they’re excited to burn.

But as American Investor Today readers, you know that we believe long-term investing is the best way for consistent portfolio growth. So, most of you have likely been holding the line.

We understand that it might not be as exciting as the huge trendy gains in the headlines. It’s the investing equivalent of eating your vegetables: You really need to do it, but it’s not always fun to talk about at parties.

The good news is that, regardless of what goes on in the news … by focusing on the long term, you’re on the right track to more consistent, safer gains.

Of course, the short term can be just as important as the long term. But you don’t need to invest your nest egg in cryptos or sneakers to make quick gains.

There are better ways to make short-term money in the markets. All you need is a proven strategy to juice your returns.

So, if you haven’t started learning about options yet, now is the time…

2 Proven Options Strategies for the Price of 1

Options can be some of the best moneymaking tools out there.

But this isn’t a strategy to devote your entire portfolio to. A small percentage of your money is all you need to put in to see the full potential of options.

If you know how to trade them right, in just a few months, they can hand you double or triple the amount you’d normally make from just buying and holding a stock.

And my friend and mentor Chad Shoop is one of the best options researchers in the business. He uses all his skills as a Chartered Market Technician to find opportunities for outsized gains for his subscribers.

He’s used his flagship Quick Hit Profits model portfolio to make nearly four times the gains of the S&P 500 over the past four years.

He also answers frequently asked questions from both beginners and advanced traders in his regular video updates. So, no trader gets left behind on these kinds of profits.

And recently, Chad has been working on a new options strategy to put to work in Quick Hit Profits.

His current favorite trading strategy already has a history of making incredible profits. But he’s also been testing and researching his new approach for quite some time.

It could boost returns for his subscribers, giving them even more opportunities to profit on his favorite stocks.

Now, Chad is finally ready to roll it out.

He told me yesterday that he’s excited for readers to see it. In his words, they’ll get “two great strategies for the price of one.” It’s a great complement to the service’s existing approach — and it’ll give his subscribers a new, steady stream of profitable opportunities the entire year.

If you’re already subscribed to Quick Hit Profits, congratulations! You don’t need to do anything. This new strategy will be added to the model portfolio in the coming months, at no extra charge to you.

But if you’re not following Chad yet, now is the time to get started.

This isn’t some get-rich-quick plan with Dogecoin or SPACs.

These are two well-researched, proven strategies for making money in your portfolio.

Let the masses get knocked by the “Pokémon card crisis” — while intelligent investors like you juice your returns with strategies that actually work.

Don’t miss it.

Good investing.

Annie Stevenson

Analyst, American Investor Today