Investors had a brief burst of optimism from the Federal Reserve’s rate hike this week.

But now, stocks, cryptos and more are continuing to slide lower.

Yet as Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi shared, moments like now — with fear at all-time highs — offer everyday investors the greatest opportunities.

Panic can help us identify the best market bargains … so we can make even more money over the long term.

So, be sure to catch up on Charles’ Real Talk below.

He even revealed one of the best corners of the market to take advantage of now. You won’t want to miss it.

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ICYMI: The Biggest Scam on Wall Street?

Charles said it best a few weeks ago: “Whenever Wall Street is selling you something, hold on to your wallet.”

Because Wall Street has no interest in helping you make money.

Instead, it does what it can to stack the odds against Main Street investors like us.

And one of the biggest “pay to play” red flags actually has the endorsement of the U.S. government!

So, to unpack this major financial scheme, Charles sat down with author Robert L. FitzPatrick.

You’ll want to check out their interview to make sure you know what to look out for to avoid falling victim to fraud.

Listen to their insights here or watch them on YouTube by clicking below.


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers!

From Desa A.: I just want to say thank you! This morning, with the huge bear market opening, a lot of people are confused and in a panic. But I am strangely calm and optimistic. I’m actually smiling as I log in to Fidelity and make my trades. You have transformed how I think about stock market investing.

Now, as I see all that red, all I think is: “Woohoo! Everything is on sale!” I fearlessly hold on to my shares even as I see the red. Because I understand that the fundamentals of the companies those stocks represent are so solid. So, when things go bullish again — as they inevitably will — my portfolio will explode in growth with all the extra shares I am snagging right now on sale.

These shares mean something concrete to me now. They do not just represent a whim, a feeling, an opinion, a hope or a prejudice. They are, well … an investment! I finally get that those shares are my ownership of a piece of a wonderful business. Seems obvious to many, perhaps, but it was all a mystery before.

You helped me find the courage and know-how to transform my company 401(k) from a dumpster fire heap of mutual funds with hopelessness and zero growth … to a brokerage account trading my stocks and options with total confidence. And the growth is amazing. When I look at what I put in versus the total return to date, even with the bear market … wow!

And I know I am getting in and out of trades at the perfect times with your guidance of when to sell shares to lock in my profits. Your reason, logic, guts, wisdom and most of all, love for your customers all make me breathe so easy now. I know I’m in the most loving and brilliant hands.

I look forward to trying another one of your premium newsletters here again real soon. Bottom line: I know inflation is high. I know a recession is coming. I know the stock market dove again today. And I know I am having to make lifestyle choices to help us still buy gas and food…

But yet, I feel rich today. I feel so rich today. I don’t feel poor or helpless like just another clueless little guy. I’m just a grocery store bottom-rung employee, but I’m now even starting my own publishing business. You guys did this for me!

YOU helped me feel empowered, fearless, confident, hopeful … and now, so rich. I see it, I get it, and thanks to you, I am hopeful and happy to weather whatever storms are ahead. I see only the rainbow and the pot of gold at the end. Thank you!

From Julio V.: I enjoy reading all your comments and advice, thank you. Digital money, in its many forms, clearly is necessary and will have its function in a modern digital world. Electronic transactions will continue growing.

Technology has rendered it unnecessary to carry any physical money … and those, too, will disappear and be replaced by digital data.

But, all that considered, your point about reality versus fiction is absolutely correct. Whether an emperor with no clothes, or mass hysteria, or urban legends or any manner of inflated scam … speculative activity lacking fundamental intrinsic value is all transitory. Whoever is last in possession will lose big time.

Bitcoin and nonfungible tokens are all nonproductive, with no intrinsic value. They’re like carnival rides. Fun, exciting and short-lived. But they always stop, and you must get off. Keep your sage writing coming, Charles, I enjoy their intrinsic value! Cheers from your avid reader.

From Dave J.: Thanks, Charles, for your insights regarding crypto… When crypto first got started, I couldn’t find any “investment” in it, only “gambling.”

And I’ve been derided by several younger friends (at 82, I’ve got a lot of ’em). Today, I’m very careful not to gloat. So, thanks for your comments. I love it when I’m right. At least for the moment!

From Michael F.: I am a new investor … or, at least, new to Alpha Investor. I’m reading everything you send me, doing my research and due diligence and making what I feel are now smart investments.

I’ve got to tell you that the stock market is scaring me to death… But because I have followed your suggestions, I’m not afraid of losing a fortune, simply what I can afford to invest and take a risk with.

I just want you to know that my investing is so much more enjoyable and healthier even though the stock market is down in a dramatic way. Thank you for making this happen in my life; I’m very grateful!