In 2014, Amazon filed a patent for “anticipatory shipping.”

It’s a system of delivering products to customers before they place an order.

As The Wall Street Journal reported back then, the company would “box and ship products it expects customers in a specific area will want.”

“According to the patent, the packages could wait at the shippers’ hubs or on trucks until an order arrives.”

It sounded like a crazy idea at the time and it raised eyebrows across Wall Street and Main Street.

What did Amazon know about us that would let it send us goods before we order them?

Amazon’s plan was to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its core business.

We still don’t know if the patent was ever implemented.

However, my household orders enough items on Amazon that it probably has enough data on what to send next.

This is one example of how AI is changing the world.

But shipping logistics is far from this technology’s only use.

In fact, it’s the secret to predicting market moves with incredible accuracy.

How AI Makes Better Predictions

AI helps us make better predictions with the information that’s available.

Self-driving cars, such as the ones developed by GM’s Cruise, gather data and make predictions as to how to navigate the roads.

When I summon Alexa to set a reminder, the software is making predictions as to the words it’s detecting.

When I search Google, its algorithm is predicting what web pages match my search.

So when my analyst Steve Fernandez, who’s an expert in AI, suggested we look into how we can use it in our business, I stopped to listen.

And this Thursday, we’re revealing a strategy that predicts big stock movements…

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The mainstream financial media says it’s impossible to time the market.

But our research shows that some stocks come with a sort of timer attached to them.

And with the right tools, you can actually start to see that timer ticking down.

With our new strategy, we can tell you when one of these stocks could begin to take off.

Sometimes, we can even pinpoint the exact day.

I’m excited to finally get the chance to share this breakthrough with you.

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