Amber Lancaster here, and I’m back with a brand-new edition of Mega Trend Thursday!

Here at Winning Investor Daily, Ian King and I specialize in looking at Next Gen companies. These are stocks that are disrupting the 1.0 version of things. They’re shaking up life as we know it — and making money while they do so!

And in this week’s video, I’m looking at a genuine entertainment disruptor — Roku (Nasdaq: ROKU)!

Think of it as the other Netflix. It’s not the “next” Netflix; it’s simply the other side of that content company. It’s the next disruption in entertainment — to the tune of tune of $2.3 trillion in the global entertainment and media market!

And unlike Netflix, this company’s growth is ahead of it, not behind it.

In fact, one investment management firm projects that Roku’s share price could reach as high as $605 in the next five years. Its potential is that huge!

Other takeaways in this video include:

🔥 No. 1: Traditional cable is dying. By 2025, only 61 million U.S. households will pay for traditional TV services. (That’s a big dip from today!)

🔥 No. 2: While Roku missed earnings expectations, its business is still intact — and big things are ahead.

🔥 No. 3: Ian King’s thoughts on Roku — and why we’re bullish on Roku long term here at Winning Investor Nation.

Check out the video below:

(If you’d prefer to read a transcript, click here.)

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