Last week, we told you about our experts’ predictions for 2019.

From gold to electric vehicles, Matt Badiali, Chad Shoop and Anthony Planas saw rallies when many analysts were predicting declines.

On Wednesday, senior analyst John Ross told readers about one bullish play on a sector that he believes will return thousands to investors.

He suggested betting against it back in May.

We’re talking about crude oil.

On May 8, John told you that put options on the United States Oil Fund LP (NYSE: USO) were a smart bet because of the commodity’s seasonal weakness:

At last check, if the price of USO drops 14% … down to $11 per share, a July put option could make you somewhere between 150% and 200% in two months’ time.

The fund has traded around $11 for the past several days … and it turns out you could have done even better than 200%!

In John’s latest Winning Investor Daily article, he explained:

The price of USO dropped 17% in the four weeks after I recommended put options.

And check this out…

If you purchased put options, you could have made a 263% gain in that time.

Now, John tells us he sees crude prices heading back up in the coming weeks. He’s waiting for the signal to buy call options on crude oil.

He and Matt Badiali have been beta testing a service that identifies trades like this one — several times a month!

This service is easy to follow. You just “buy on black” to capture triple-digit gains on moves in the natural resources space and much more. Their beta testers just locked in a gain of 200% … and they’re trading call options on marijuana stocks right now!

We’re excited to tell you more about it in the coming weeks.

Until then, we’d like to share what our experts are talking about right now.

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Chad Shoop told readers about one income strategy he uses to generate gains in any market. His Pure Income subscribers are already familiar with this profitable approach.

And Chad suggests it could yield higher gains than the dividend stocks trending higher right now. You can learn more by clicking the image below.

And Anthony Planas just released a new episode of his Marijuana Markets: A POTcast. He talks about High Times’ initial public offering misfire, Facebook’s cannabis endorsement and more. Click the image below to watch his video!

And we always love to hear from you! Are you interested in learning more about Matt Badiali and John Ross’ exclusive “buy on black” service?

Just write to us at to be part of the conversation.

Our experts keep a close eye on the markets. They want to make sure they can offer the best trading advice.

Read on to see the topics they’re following this week.


The Winning Investor Daily Team


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