It’s the first week of October… which means it’s time for my absolute favorite feature of this newsletter: the Monthly Market Outlook!

In this regular feature, our experts Mike, Chad, and publisher Chris Cimorelli get on a call to give their best predictions for the coming months. It’s a way for you to get their latest off-the-cuff analysis and prepare you for the month ahead.

But more than just analysis, our goal is always to give you trading ideas to help you make money. And the guys deliver in spades this month.

Just click here to watch this month’s Market Outlook:

Turn Your Images On

Today Chad breaks out the Relative Rotation Graph to kick things off, and shows you the highest-odds trading play for the next few weeks. Right now, the sector to watch couldn’t be less obvious to an everyday investor… So Chad shares a handful of tickers to trade the move he sees coming.

If you have half a mind to outperform the market in October — or as I’m seeing in some circles, “Uptober” — you’ll want to pay close attention to Chad’s newest outlier sector. (Need proof? His call to be bullish on energy stocks in August was a bit early, but it wound up being a huge outperformer over the past month!)

In Mike’s case, sometimes his “monthly” outlook gets to be more like “the coming years”… Nothing too surprising, or unwelcome, from an ace macro strategist of his caliber.

And Mike’s observations this month are astounding… Starting with a deep analysis on the recent 10-year Treasury yields, and also checking in on the Fed’s balance sheet.

But this month, Mike also spotted a huge shorter-term divergence in the market… One that could signal the local bottom in stock prices.

If you’re bullish on stocks, this is a must-see. Just click right here to check it out.


Mike Merson
Managing Editor, True Options Masters