September Over Time To Wake Up Meme Big

Here For The Boos — I Mean, News

Well, Great Ones, another week is in the books.

September has come and gone — we can wake up Billie Joe now — and by golly, spooky season is nigh. Welcome to October! One solid month of pre-Halloween movie marathons and an excuse to buy more M&Ms.

I know, I’m three whole days late to kicking off October (sue me), but you, Great Ones, are just in time for another Simmer-Down Sunday.

In case you missed our debut last week — the nerve! — we’re taking Sunday to, well, simmer down. To catch our collective breath and digest the week’s events. Gather up all the hearty stock stories you might’ve missed and brew up a meaty market stew for you to chew on.

Who chews stew, do you?

Bless you, Dr. Seuss. We’ll even chuck in a few key insights or articles from our pals here at Banyan Hill for good measure. What? You didn’t think Great Stuff was out here all alone, like a desert island in the financial media seas, did you?

Oh, nay nay! As a Great One, you have quite the knights’ round table of Banyan Hill experts gathered here before you. (And then there’s Great Stuff, holding court over at the kiddie’s table…)

So, please help yourself to some extra-special Greatness from Banyan Hill down below.

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Check out the week’s wrap-up below, and let us know what you think in the inbox!

Black Swan Event Prediction Philosoraptor Meme

Everybody Do The Black Swan Boogaloo

Unrealistic investment expectations and Black Swan events can easily pockmark your portfolio — but Ted Bauman has a soothing salve for burdensome stock market burns.




Douchebag DNA Crippling Anxiety Meme

I Got Loyalty, Got Royalty, Inside My DNA

It’s never been cheaper or faster to sequence DNA, but when will this tech cure those late-night waves of anxiety?




China Debt Crisis Communist Bugs Meme

FXI, Or Fearing Xi’s Imposition

Evergrande’s debt debacle may have Chinese stocks swinging to an economic symphony of disaster, but you still have options — just ask Mike Carr.




Only Thing Putting Nevada On Map Meme

It’s Pronounced “Nev-a-da”

One company in the entire western hemisphere makes the material that will fuel the next electric vehicle revolution, and apparently, it’s in … Nevada?




Amazon Robot Overlord Meme 2

Amazon’s Astro-nomical Privacy Problem

Astro, Echo, Glow, Halo, oh no! You thought you had enough to worry about with Big Brother, but Big Bezos is worse.




Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Great Ones! We’ll be back with you tomorrow to … well … do it all over again.

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