That’s what our entire team said collectively after we launched Winning Investor Daily on Tuesday.

There’s a lot of moving pieces when you launch something new for subscribers. And at least for me, there’s also a little bit of nerves.

Luckily, there was nothing but excitement for our announcement.

You all were especially eager to welcome our new analyst, Andrew Prince, to the team.

Here’s what your fellow Winning Investors had to say:

Debi said:

Hi, Andrew! So glad you are here with Ian and the crew. I’m looking forward to reading the weekly updates and the Strategic Fortunes monthly newsletters. They have really helped me succeed in investing, and I look forward to hearing your perspective on the markets as well. I also look forward to your insights on cryptos, as I am dipping my toes in those waters as well. I currently have two daughters at the University of Florida. They love it there! Chomp-chomp! 🐊🧡💙


And Fred wrote: “It’s great to have you aboard, Andrew. Thanks for joining this wonderful team. We will be watching for your contributions to this marvelous group.”

Thank you for writing in! If you’d like to send Andrew your own welcome note — or to tell us what you think of our makeover — you can reach out to us at WinningInvestorDaily@BanyanHill.com.

Check Out This Brand-New Feature

Before we move on to this week’s wrap-up, we want to make sure you’ve seen the new Morning Movers section of your Winning Investor Daily subscription.

This new section will list three big movers in the stock market from 9:30 a.m. to noon Eastern time each day.

Each bullet provides a brief explanation of why it’s moving and then a link for further details.

But here’s what you may have been missing…

If you click through to the website, you’ll see the complete list of that day’s Morning Movers.

This is a great snapshot of the stock market, provided to you at no additional charge.

These wrap-ups will be included in your Winning Investor Daily articles Monday through Friday. They’re after the editor’s sign-off, so make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see that day’s Movers!

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week’s Winning ideas covered everything from NFTs to e-commerce. Check them out below.

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The average American spends 17 hours a day in front of a digital screen. And all the data that generates has to go somewhere. See why companies are on a mission to create a scalable data storage solution.

Look Who’s Joining Your Winning Team

Andrew Prince just joined the Winning Investor Daily team as an analyst. But you might be surprised to learn how he first got interested in studying the stock market…

2-Day Delivery Is About to Be Obsolete

Amazon took the world by storm with its implementation of free two-day delivery. But now, a retail giant and an automobile company are joining forces to beat Amazon at its own game. They might even make two-day delivery extinct.

Here’s What’s Really Behind Ethereum’s 30% Drop

Ethereum dropped 30% … and brought down the rest of the crypto world with it. In this video, Ian King and Steve Fernandez discuss Ethereum’s recent troubles and what to expect for the cryptocurrency going forward.


Best Wishes,

The Winning Investor Daily Team