Uncertainty has been ruling the markets for a while now.

Look no further than this past week as an example.

Stocks initially rose on the news of strong earnings reports and optimistic economic data…

Only to fall on Friday in response to a positive jobs report.

No one can tell what the next day-to-day swing will be.

But there IS one thing that’s 100% guaranteed in the market.

This week, Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi shared what it is … and how it can help you make money in the long term.

He also shared the biggest advantage you have as an investor right now.

So, be sure to check it out below — along with the rest of his Real Talk this week.

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Real Talk videos with Charles Mizrahi We Asked and You Delivered!
You’ve written in about how much you’ve loved Real Talk Videos. And Charles appreciates your kind words from the bottom of his heart. Watch his latest video right here.


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers!

From Diane C.: Charles, I just loved your Real Talk Video. It was short and did not take up a lot of my time. And it made so much sense. Thank you!

From Mike R.: Great job, your subject line said it all! Thank you for respecting my time.

I’m a father and grandfather, and while investing is very important to me, being a grandfather is the greatest gig ever. And that’s my 15 seconds. Have a great week!

From Fred W.: Hello Charles, I really enjoy your videos, updates and Real Talk articles. You offer a lot of good insight.

Your discussions are always upbeat and positive. It’s something we need more of. Keep it up. Thank you.

From John L.: Charles, your message today was truly spoken from the heart, and I’m sure it was really accepted by your readers.

I’ve been reviewing your materials for investing. I’ve been investing for some time and my biggest return was either hit or miss. Hence, the reason for listening to people like yourself to determine which changes I can make to level positive earnings over a period of time.

I’m making progress! Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

From Ram S.: Charles, I just LOVE the no BS way you put things and the results. I am a new subscriber, and I regret the lost years before I found you.

Please keep up with the KISS system. As an old fogey, I can confirm it really works! God Bless!

From Charles H.: Thanks for sharing some tidbits of your life! It’s always great to hear these stories, and it adds authenticity and calm to the “dodgy” finance environment. Have a good week.

From Robert I.: I loved the story about Charles and his Yiddish grandmother. Sounds like she was cut from the same cloth as mine. Always enjoy the anecdotes, the straight talk and the advice.