Story Highlights:

  • Silver jumped by 9% last week.
  • Banyan Hill VIP members made 70% gains when they bought silver on black.
  • You can outperform simple stock returns by 15 times when you trade with options.
  • Click here to learn more about “Buy on Black” and bigger returns.

We made 70% in six days. And that’s almost 800% better than most investors.

My colleague Matt Badiali sized up the silver market before its price surged by 9% last week.

That’s a big move, but it gets better…

He and I were able to give Banyan Hill’s VIP members the chance to make a 70% gain when silver jumped.

They’d been in the trade for six days.

Yes, you read that correctly. Only six days.

And there’s more where that came from…

Let me show you how our options trading strategy outperform simple stock trading by so much.

How “Buy on Black” Works

Two things let us give our followers the opportunity to magnify their gains again and again.

First, we developed a system that predicts short-term moves in stock prices.

I wrote about it last week: “‘Buy on Black’ for Profits!

Second, we use a trading vehicle that’s designed to make double- and triple-digit gains in a few weeks’ time.

That’s because we trade options.

We like to say options “magnify” the amount of money you could make trading stocks.

But keep in mind that options are not like a microscope that takes small things (such as your stock gains) and makes them seem bigger.

Trading options is more like using a rifle scope. It takes a big target way off in the distance … and puts it squarely within your sights.

With options, out-of-sight profits are a reality.

And you can use options to increase your profits too.

Buying Options Is Not the Same as Buying a Stock

When you purchase a stock, you are buying a piece of that company. And the gains you make, or the losses you take, depend on the stock’s price movement.

Some investors may decide to buy or sell shares on a company to follow a trend. But their returns are limited by the slow, long-term trends in most stocks.

Trading options, on the other hand, give the purchaser the right but not the obligation to purchase shares at a predetermined price in the future.

The premium you pay to buy an option will rise and fall as the underlying stock price rises and falls.

Buying options offers a way to make big money fast.

To put it into perspective, when you do simple stock trading, you may earn a 10% gain on shares of XYZ stock in three weeks.

That’s good, but you can make a lot more.

With options, you can make a 150% gain — or more — on XYZ stock … instead of 10%. You’re capitalizing on the short-term price movement from the stock market’s volatility.

That’s 15 times the profit!

Join Us for Monster Gains

Yesterday, Matt hosted a special Apex Profit Summit that provided all the details on this revolutionary system. So many people have signed up that we had to close it.

But I talked with my publisher because I don’t want you to miss out. We’ve decided to reopen the link by the end of the week.

And I convinced him to open the link today just for Winning Investor Daily readers. You’ll have the chance to sign up to make six-figure profits before everyone else does.

Click here to learn more and sign up to “Buy on Black.”

Let Matt and me do the heavy lifting. Our system will help you make gains like you’ve never seen.

Stay tuned!

Good investing,

John Ross

Editor, Apex Profit Alert