Story Highlights:

  • My colleague John Ross turned a 9% gain in a gold stock into a 76% windfall.
  • John and I harnessed the power of this “profit accelerator” over the past year.
  • We’re revealing all the details in a free live webinar tomorrow!

Last year, I learned a simple way to turn a 9% gain into 76%.

My colleague John Ross called me up to crow about a trade he’d made.

He couldn’t help himself. You see, three months earlier, we’d talked about gold stocks.

“How about Seabridge?” he asked.

His question took me back in time.

I went to see Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project in British Columbia (BC) over a decade ago. We flew up a series of glacial valleys and dropped into one of the coolest places I’d ever seen:

An orange mountain dipped into a saddle and emerged a totally different color. The photograph above hangs on my office wall.

There is a huge deposit of gold and copper locked in the rocks up there. But the project wasn’t in production.

“I like Seabridge,” I told him. “But not right now.”

When the company’s stock rose just 9% in the next 90 days, I thought I was right…

Until John called to thank me because he’d made 76% on the trade in that time!

I thought he’d made a mistake. Then he showed me how he’d turned that 9% gain into a 76% windfall. You can learn about this simple strategy here.

A Simple Way to Accelerate Your Profits

You can see John’s investment period in red in the chart below:


It turns out John didn’t buy shares.

Instead, he used something called an option. He bought the right, but not the obligation, to buy Seabridge shares at a low price. Then, as the price of the stock rose, the value of his option soared.

An option is a profit accelerator.

It’s how John was able to turn a 9% rise in the stock into a 76% gain. That’s more than eight times better than just buying the stock.

And it was because of our teamwork that he did it with confidence.

You see, options aren’t for everyone. If someone who doesn’t understand options is trading them, they are inherently risky.

It takes an extra step beyond opening a simple trading account. But that little extra effort is worth the time.

Don’t Miss Our Free Webinar!

John Ross and I talk about this stuff all the time. I approached him about designing a trading system where we could replicate his success with Seabridge Gold — and even blow it out of the water.

We ended up being extremely successful. His trading techniques, backed by my industry knowledge, created a powerful tool.

We let a select group of Banyan Hill folks test it. They made so much money, we decided to let you in on our secrets too.

If you want to learn more — absolutely free — we’re hosting a webinar about this system tomorrow. So many people signed up for the webinar, we had to close it last night. But my publisher just agreed to reopen it to readers of Winning Investor Daily for a limited time.

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Good investing,

Matt Badiali

Editor, Real Wealth Strategist