Last week brought nothing but bad news. Yet the S&P 500 enjoyed its best week since July.

Time to get in? Or out?

No wonder many investors are perplexed.

The solution?

Ignore the noise and make active trading a part of your wealth-building strategy. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

In today’s video, Ted Bauman and Clint Lee tell you how to use technical indicators to grow your profits no matter which way the market is heading.

How to Play a Headline-Driven Market

Last week, consumer price inflation hit its highest level in 13 years. There are shortages everywhere, and the Federal Reserve has yet to give an exact date for tapering…

And yet, through all of it: The S&P 500 added almost 2% last week!

Everyone is so focused on all the noise and the news, but Ted and Clint say there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Like Ted said in Friday’s Bauman Daily, this is a different ballgame than the one we enjoyed in 2020, and if you want to be ready … it might be time to trade some options.

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Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter