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Nicole Zdzieba

Nicole ZdziebaNicole Zdzieba Assistant Managing Editor

After earning her degree in English and American History from Florida Atlantic University, Nicole Zdzieba joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2019.

Since then, Nicole has worked closely with Charles Mizrahi as assistant managing editor for his premium services.

She also works with the American Investor Today team as a regular contributor to ensure you’re getting Wall Street’s best profit opportunities … made Main Street simple.

Nicole Zdzieba's Articles

Don’t Get Caught Up — Marijuana Stocks Are Overvalued - (4-minute read) Pot stocks aren’t going anywhere today, but why is that? Nicole Zdzieba takes a look at the state of the industry today. Read more…
The Spinoff — Wall Street’s Secret Money Machine - (3-minute read) Spinoffs are some of the most profitable opportunities in the markets. Don’t believe us? Read on…
NFT Hype Is Off the Charts — What You Should Buy Instead - (4-minute read) What’s going on in the art market right now? Nicole Zdzieba gives us an update. Plus, why we don’t bet on it for the long term…
Get Ready: Invest in Post-Pandemic Health Care - (5-minute read) Hospitals are struggling. So are patients. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Change is coming. And we have a way to get in…
“Fraud Built on Dozens of Lies” - (2-minute read) After a meteoric rise, Nikola has had a meteoric fall. We avoid stocks like this as a matter of course. Wall Street veteran Charles Mizrahi shows you how.
Don’t Buy Bitcoin Yet — Here’s a Better Idea - (4-minute read) Bitcoin continues to make new highs. But we still say it doesn’t count as a currency until you can pay your rent with it. Until then, it’s a speculation. Here’s a better idea…
Profit From New Companies Like a Wall Street Veteran - (4-minute read) Are dating apps good businesses? No one seems to be asking that in Bumble’s IPO hype. And that hype is what Wall Street wants. There’s a better way to profit…
Did You Stream the Super Bowl? Next Year, You Probably Will - (4-minute read) Paramount+ was all over the Super Bowl this year, advertising its new streaming service. You can’t blame them — streaming is a big market. And it will only keep getting bigger…
This Pandemic Streaming Trend is Here to Stay - (3-minute read) It used to be that the best way to listen to your favorite songs was to buy them. Today, Spotify and other music streamers leave that in the dust. And we expect that to continue.
3 Mistakes Investors Make - (5-minute read) Even Warren Buffett makes mistakes. But you don’t have to. Avoid these three common mistakes and you’ll make profits…

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- Larry

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- Taylor M.

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- Matt