Growth stocks got hammered again yesterday, sending the Nasdaq 100 down 3%. A jump in the 10-year Treasury yield past its 52-week high triggered the bloodbath — a sign investors see higher interest rates ahead.

It’s clear the market doesn’t trust the Federal Reserve’s promise to hold rates steady as the economy roars to post-pandemic life … bringing worry of inflation along with it.

But as I explain this week, the market’s fear is misplaced. And the momentum shift from the most expensive stocks presents plenty of new opportunities to profit.

Watch today’s video to learn where to find them. You’ll also discover:

  • What really scares stock investors about interest rates.
  • How far tech stocks would have to fall to reach sustainable valuations.
  • The two charts that show you where stock market momentum is shifting right now … and where the biggest opportunities lie.

Click here to watch this week’s video or click the image below:

Clint Lee showed this week why housing stocks are one place to find profits this year. And we’ve identified three stocks we believe could bring you more than double returns in the next 10 years from the housing market, regardless of whether or not interest and mortgage rates rise. You can read more details about them here.

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