Over the past few years, the traditional financial industry has been gradually launching crypto solutions that cater to institutional investors.

In 2017, a bitcoin futures contract was launched that attracted the “smart money” to the space and helped fuel the rally we are witnessing now.

A similar product is slated for launch in February 2021. But this time another crypto will see a surge in demand.

A Bright Future for Cryptos

The CME Group recently announced it would be launching an Ethereum futures contract.

Futures are used by professional investors to manage price risk and gain exposure to an underlying asset or instrument.

An Ethereum futures contract will offer institutional investors a more calculated approach to investing in Ethereum. The futures contract will provide the ability to gain or reduce exposure to Ethereum for speculation or hedging.

With a futures contract available for risk management, institutions will be empowered to invest in Ethereum, driving up demand for the crypto.

This is exactly what happened with bitcoin earlier this year.

In April, the $166 billion hedge fund Renaissance Technologies announced it was considering buying bitcoin futures.

Being arguably the most successful hedge fund of all time, investors responded to the news accordingly.

Following the announcement, bitcoin surged 313% as other investors piled in.

Bitcoin Hedge Fund Interest Surge

Ethereum is currently the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, and it is critical to the entire crypto ecosystem.

I expect a similar scenario to unfold in which big institutions announce interest in Ethereum futures, sending the price of Ethereum soaring.

Cryptos’ Next Wave

With the financial services industry quickly opening up to cryptos, it is a promising time to be a crypto investor.

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There are over 1,500 cryptos that can be traded on exchanges all over the world. And Ian is here to help you navigate these choppy waters and provide you with the necessary tools.


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