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What to Do During a Stock Market Correction … and More

Take a minute now to check out Ted’s YouTube channel, where you’ll get his unique take on the markets, discover what sectors he’s got his eye on (you may even want to have a pen handy to jot down some of the ticker symbols he shares) and hear some important warnings he has for investors.

Here are some highlights:

  • What to Do During a Stock Market Correction.” The market thinks a correction is coming. Ted thinks so too. In this video, he reveals the coming event that could finally trigger the next bear market … and the simple strategy you should follow to protect your wealth.
  • Buy Tesla? Ted Says ‘Not Yet.’ Ted uses his economist’s toolkit to identify Tesla’s strengths and weaknesses. He addresses the question few others have dared to raise: What’s the appropriate point of comparison? His conclusion will probably shock you … but not his short-term recommendation.
  • It’s Not You: The U.S. Economy Is Rigged Against All of Us.” The U.S. economy is riddled with inefficiencies caused by a lack of competition and rigged markets. This video series reveals the truth. Watch now to learn why lack of competition holds our economy back — and takes money out of your pocket — and to see the solutions.
  • The Coronavirus: Finding Stock Opportunities in the Crisis.” Ted Bauman and Clint Lee discuss the coronavirus as it spreads across the globe … and as the effects spread through the markets. Big Chinese companies like Alibaba are taking a hit. Find out if they’re worth buying. And discover three surprising investment opportunities that will emerge.

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Angela Jirau

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