Today, we forego our usual pilgrimage of market pitter-patter. We forget the trials and tribulations of the Dow’s fluctuations. Instead, we turn it over to you — well, your emails, at least.

Great Stuff:

The “All-Feedback” Friday Festival

By people, for people — that’s the Great Stuff motto.

I mean, it isn’t officially, but my point is that what makes us Great is you — your witty emails, snide letters to the editor, your rants in the inbox…

Your messages of hope, your eager questions of market concepts, your unending thirst for more stock-trading memes…

It pushes us to be that much Greater … for you, for ourselves and our portfolios. I’ll cut the feel-good nonsense in a sec …  my point is that today, we have something special in store for you. We told you it was coming!

Today, we forego our usual pilgrimage of market pitter-patter. We forget the trials and tribulations of the Dow’s fluctuations. Instead, we turn it over to you — well, your emails, at least.

It’s our first all-out all-Feedback Friday!

Today, we forego our usual pilgrimage of market pitter-patter. We forget the trials and tribulations of the Dow’s fluctuations…

Instead, we turn it over to you — well, your emails, at least.

Counting Bars, Eating Carats

We are Local Miners Base in West Africa. We do have 22+ Carats, PURITY 95.67% + AU GOLD BARS, AVAILABLE FOR SELL.

M. Jean-Pierre R.

Wait, sorry wrong email. (Who collected these?)

Here we go…

Electric Wizards

Hi, I am invested with Tesla, have been for a long time. I believe in Tesla. But every time Elon [opens] his mouth complaining that the stock price is too high, my eyes roll because so many people will take a deep breath and say “Oh, Elon must be believed and followed so I better sell now.” and of course they do.

Then, a short time later the stock bounces up again. News of increased production in China? The stock is up over $100.00/share then down a couple days later by same amount. Are they disobeying Elon, then having second thoughts? 

Sometimes I think I’m stuck in a soap opera vortex. Please advise.

Gregory F.


Hey Greg! Re: the “soap opera vortex,” nope, I think you’re pretty caught up — at least as far as electric vehicles (EVs) are concerned. This ain’t your daytime-drivel soap opera, though. This is EV Days we’re binging here.

It won’t always be all power-converter rainbows and batteries in bloom out on the road — electric powered or otherwise. The point is that we’re going places, and so is the EV market … sooner or later. Frankly, the EV market could use some more competition — a little Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) tit for tat.

Uhmuhgud, did you see when Nikola tried to pull a fast one on Tesla last week with its new truck and smack talking?

I sure did. See how quickly Elon donned his PR-stoking cap, determined to “go all out and bring the Tesla Semi to volume production?”

Competition. It helps us all. Most of the time…

The problem with Nikola’s Commercial Tractor (I’ve been commercial driving for 14 years and have driven one million miles in the 48 states.) is the use of hydrogen fuel cell technology. Hydrogen is more volatile than gasoline, and in extreme cold or extreme heat the hydrogen fuel cell simply does not function properly.

The problem with batteries is the sheer weight. My commercial tractor at 38 tons GVW (19-ton freight weight) can’t climb a 4% grade to 4000 feet (mountain pass in the Rocky Mountains).

You would only get — at best — 300 miles between recharges. The only viable solution is liquefied natural gas, which has a much lower carbon print than biodiesel or gasoline.

Ralph E.


It’s still derived from oil, for the most part, so it’s not as green as EVs.

It’s not as volatile as the Hindenburg … but it is a bit touchier than gas at certain temperatures, and engines that run on it can have trouble at extreme cold or hot temps.

I see hydrogen as a bridge between gasoline vehicles and true EVs. I can see it taking off more in semitrucks and industrial applications, but not for commuter vehicles.

Either way, there’s a better way to get in on the EV market…

Important Editor’s Note: Tesla Messla, Nikola or Trickola … EV’s everywhere need juice. Where does all that power come from, silly? It doesn’t materialize out of thin air… Our power grid, you say? That rat’s nest of chicken wire that cuts out every time the wind blows the wrong way?

America needs an electric upgrade! (Treat yo’ self.) There’s a radical energy revolution coming soon to 50 million American homes. It’s not solar. Nope, not wind either…

Yet, it’s poised to create more millionaires than pot stocks, cryptos and Big Tech combined!

Click here to learn more.

And hang tight — there’s more electrifying action to come.


After having worked at a dealer and looked at the viability of these, I find them lacking in multiple ways.

The range is substandard (100-150 mi city/highway or less in subzero winter weather) for anything but a local urban commute. … Service is mostly eliminated (oil changes, tune ups), but the service and repair was vastly more complicated, dangerous and specialized.

The dealership only had 1 Master Mechanic who was willing to be trained to work on these because of the electrocution risks and an area of the shop was cordoned off to contain the risks (special shop rate to cover repairs).

He was frustrated by inaccuracies in service procedures and multiple calls to higher level technical support to correct problems.

Ron V.


Thank you for writing in again, Ron!

I remember your “boots on the ground” info back when we discussed payouts to truckers from J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. (Nasdaq: JBHT) back in the balmy still-locked-down April days.

I appreciate your perspective here, and I love to point out that we as investors get to watch what might be the auto industry’s greatest transformation yet. A huge splash in natural ebb and flow in technology’s river of time…

Poetics aside, if hydrogen is the bridge between gas and EVs, current-generation EVs must be the bridge to … better EVs, right?

Aaron’s Advice

Hi I was wondering if you trade on behalf of others. As I’m sure you would also like to make money that you would handle as well.

Aaron R.

Hey Aaron!

I’m not sure what kind of proposition you’re leading into here … what with the “making money” and “handling money” business. Sounds a bit “backroom discussion-y” to me.

I kid, but we’ve seen enough emails asking about financial advice and portfolio management in the inbox that I want to bust up a few myths here.

We can’t give advice. Heck, I can’t even tell you what to do. These are just words on a page, mere suggestions for you to stick in your Robinhood quiver.

That’s to say, this is all research. (Check out the tiny fine print at the bottom of every issue sometime; we worked very hard at that legalese, mind you.)

Now here’s the rub … as in, the part where I rub my hands together like a Bond villain developing plans for future domination.

If you would ever be interested in real-time portfolio tracking, timely trades and even more market memefoolery…

If you would crave an official trading service — a Greater Stuff, if you will — email us at today. We want to hear from you!

More on Great Stuff Picks in a sec…

Jumpin’ James’ Jerky Jaunts

I lived through the wasteland that was post ‘90s grunge music … and it still didn’t leave me as bored as this quarantine. (Still stayed locked down by choice here in Vermont.)

Got any jerky recipes? Please help me.

James J.

Sir, this is a financial e-zine…

Err, if you’re asking, you can’t go wrong making teriyaki with sweet chili sauce, cayenne pepper, honey, onions and garlic.

I need to find time, some jerky to call mine. Ratios? It’s a game of give and take. You can’t hurry jerky — use 160° Fahrenheit heat or so. No, you’ll just have to wait … about four to six hours.

Like any marinade, you take a little of this and a little of that to taste, just like we do here to make your favorite meme-distilled market mayhem.

Speaking of which, next question:

Meat of the Matter

You keep talking about this Great Stuff portfolio, and I was told there would be picks. Where do I find this so called portfolio? I have stimulus money burning a hole here dude.

Claude B.

Claude, you’re in luck! Just yesterday, I did a run-through of the entire Great Stuff Picks portfolio!

If you missed it, click right here to catch up. (You go on ahead; I’ll wait here.)

All the hits are there: the triple-digit gains that you and your fellow readers made this year, what stocks we believe are “buys” right now and the two positions we believe you should dump immediately.

Now that you have some weekend reading in the palm of your … electronic device, it’s bye-bye from all us here at Great Stuff. We’re glad that you tuned in this week!

We’ll catch you on the flip side. And you can always keep up with us on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time, stay Great.

Joseph Hargett

Editor, Great Stuff