Investor Insights:

  • The financial media’s advice is often confusing and contradictory.
  • Every investor needs a simple, proven, reliable edge to filter out all that noise.
  • Our new indicator discovers valuable stocks before Wall Street notices them.

I don’t know about you, but here’s my single biggest investment task each week…

Cutting through the noise.

I don’t really like to watch the financial cable channels. I don’t want to be infected by someone else’s take on a stock.

But it’s hard to miss when I’m trying to catch up on things.

If I flip on CNBC, there’s Jim Cramer on Mad Money yelling at someone to avoid a stock because “investors need to pay attention to Brexit,” or because there’s no “consumer correlation” in owning the shares.

Wall Street research analysts are no better. By the time they rate a stock as a buy, the shares are already up a huge amount.

It’s confusing, contradictory — and enough to make you throw up your hands and buy a bank certificate of deposit instead.

That’s what I like most about the new “profit line” indicator that my team and I developed.

It filters out all the junk. That lets us focus only on the opportunities with the best possible chance to make us money.

We just unveiled all the details of this patent pending indicator in our Profit Line Summit.

Thousands of people watched the live summit to see how it all works.

Some of our most loyal readers couldn’t attend the event, though. So I asked my team to give you another chance to watch it.

If you missed the live summit, click here now to see how our profit line discovers the top stocks right before they soar.

Trading in the Middle of a Monsoon

As I’ve noted in past weeks, we all need a simple, proven, reliable edge — whether we’re long-term investors or short-term speculators.

The great thing about the profit line is that it’s the indicator Wall Street doesn’t see. How can it when most big institutions use preprogrammed algorithms to make their buy and sell decisions?

On an average day, 50% of the market’s trading volume is generated by computers. On a busy day, the figure’s closer to 90% of all trading volume.

It’s all based on a matrix of fundamental and technical cues. Even the wording of news articles can be construed as negative or positive.

Talk about noise. It’s like hearing the crash of rain on a tin-roofed house in the middle of a monsoon.

Grab the Top Stocks Now — Not Later

The profit line indicator does just the opposite.

I think of it as the financial equivalent of listening for the buzz of a hummingbird flying between all those raindrops.

Why is that an advantage?

Well, it gives us the chance to discover what’s valuable in stocks before Wall Street does.

Once we have a position in place, we can certainly rely on the pundits to tell us — weeks later — why we should buy that particular stock.

By then, we’re already in the position … and laughing all the way to the bank.

Best of good buys,

Jeff Yastine

Editor, Total Wealth Insider

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