Investor Insights:

  • Our market-timing signal is a unique data-driven method.
  • Volumes of academic studies show that it works.
  • It points us toward companies with the potential to target gains of 1,570%, 389% and 719%.

I can’t remember his name, but I’ll always remember his words…

It was 2002. I was in the Windy City for a wedding.

I stopped at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to chat with a couple of my financial news contacts.

It was late in the day. The people I knew weren’t there.

The trading session ended. And all the pit traders who buy and sell futures contracts for the S&P 500 Index all day streamed into the main hall on their way out the door.

Striking up a conversation with one guy, I asked a simple question: “How do you make money as a trader?”

“In this business,” he said, gesturing to the trading pit doors behind him…

“You need an edge — or you’ll be looking for another job real fast.”

Those simple words stuck with me.

Whether you’re a long-term investor or a short-term speculator, we tend not to realize that the stock market is a game with thousands of other players at any moment.

To compete effectively, we need an edge.

That’s why my team and I developed our own with an indicator we call the “profit line.”

You Need an Edge to Profit

I won’t go into all the details of what the profit line is about.

Let’s just say it’s a unique data-driven method, proven by volumes of academic studies that show it works.

And in our back testing over the past 12 months, we saw it pinpoint gains of 1,674%, 2,604%, 1,608% and 1,713%!

In short, the profit line points us toward companies with strong odds for solid profit growth and the potential for large gains in share prices.

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See, your edge in the financial markets can take many forms:

  • In legendary investor Warren Buffett’s case, his edge isn’t just his logical thinking and eye for value — it’s his patience. He stays with a stock for a lifetime if he likes it well enough.
  • For an activist such as Carl Icahn, his edge isn’t just identifying an underperforming stock. It’s bringing extreme pressure on its executives to make drastic changes.

Candidly enough, the Chicago pit trader told me his personal edge — his height!

The guy was tall — like 6 feet, 5 inches or better.

Standing literally head and shoulders over most of his competitors in the pit, he could see more of his fellow traders’ fleeting grimaces and smiles, and their hand gestures (“palms in” to buy, “palms out” to sell) in one glance.

That was all he needed to sense whether to buy (or sell) a few moments ahead of the crowd in the pit.

Fortunately, we don’t need to be tall to succeed in the markets.

But we do need an edge. Our Profit Line indicator provides one sorely needed by investors seeking a leg up in today’s markets.

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Best of good buys,

Jeff Yastine

Editor, Total Wealth Insider

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