Welcome to your second Market Insights video!

In case you missed the announcement last week, we’ve added a new weekly video to your Saturday Sovereign Investor Daily. In it, you’ll get the chance to watch our experts debate the latest market trends and financial news — while revealing the best ways for you to win big in the markets.

I get to witness these debates in person every week — so I think of this video series as us pulling back the curtain. Now you can sit in on the great conversations constantly happening behinds the scenes over here.

This week, the big topic has been the Fed and rate cuts. Will they or won’t they? To let you in on our thinking, Jeff Yastine and Brian Christopher hopped on a video chat for you.

In today’s Market Insights, they discuss:

  • Is a Rate Cut Happening Next Week? Our experts will fill you in on exactly what the Fed considers for this decision — and what you can expect. Quote: “Well, they’re feeling the heat from the administration, aren’t they? It’s clear what President Trump would want them to do.”
  • Trump vs. the Fed:S.-China negotiations, potential tariffs and more seem to point the Fed in one direction. Quote: “In many ways, I think [the administration] is using the tariff threats as part of a way to bludgeon the Fed — to get them to do what they want.”
  • What This Means for Stocks: Our experts will tie things up by letting you know if now is a buying opportunity — and what sectors to watch. Quote: “Certainly a rate cut in the short term is positive for stocks. There’s no doubt about it.” But there’s a more important question to consider when buying into the market now…

To hear more, just watch the video below:

Now we’d like to turn things over to you. Do you think the Fed will cut rates next week? Let us know by emailing us at sovereigninvestor@banyanhill.com.

I hope you enjoyed this new addition to Sovereign Investor Daily. Be sure to hit the red subscribe button so you can continue following our latest episodes.

And remember to read below for a wrap-up of this week’s Sovereign Investor Daily articles. We discussed some great topics, such as Tesla and the U.S. defense budget, this week.


Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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