When I’m wrong, I admit it.

I predicted that the U.S. government would likely let COVID-19 run its course … that it would stop efforts to contain it so as not to damage the economy.

But this chart showed me why I was wrong about that.

In today’s video, you’ll find out how the virus outbreak poses such a threat to our health care system, which is exceptionally vulnerable to epidemics.

The threat is about a lot more than people getting sick … and it’s not something that’s been widely discussed in the media. But it’s critical to understand, because it will determine the government’s options to respond to the threat to the economy.

The problem is that the option that would work best is the one that the government is least likely to choose. That means that you’re going to need to protect yourself financially … just as you are surely protecting your own health right now

So Where Do We Go From Here?

The Trump administration has already limited travel. People are staying home more and more each day. We will see reduced economic activity. And that could easily thrust us into the next recession.

What will Washington do then?

In today’s video, I describe possible scenarios. I was wrong about how the government would respond to the spread of the virus because I’m not an epidemiologist. But I am an economist … so I’ve got plenty of confidence in the predictions you’ll hear today — and in the recommendations I make to you.

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Ted Bauman
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