As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I was a collector.

It drove my mother crazy.

Our house was small, and it became even smaller with all my stuff around.

I had a great collection of Topps baseball cards, U.S. stamps and Lincoln pennies.

One of the great things about living in Brooklyn was that the newsstands sold everything.

So, each month, I’d go to the corner newsstand and buy the latest issues of Beckett’s Baseball Card Price Guide, Linn’s Stamp News and Numismatic News.

It’s how I stayed up to date on the changing prices in my collection.

The thrill for me was checking the latest market prices on items in my collection.

When I was around 10 years old, I looked up a Lincoln penny that I bought for $0.25. And its market value had increased to $1!

There was nothing better than building a collection of high-quality collectibles … and then sitting on my butt and watching them increase in value.

Today, I still have boxes of my Topps baseball cards in my basement.

1979 Baseball Card Collection

Part of my 1979 baseball card collection — in mint condition.

And I still love collecting. But it’s no longer baseball cards, coins and stamps…

New Collection

The main thing I collect now is stocks.

Or more accurately, I collect pieces of great businesses.

And I still have the same approach I used when I was a kid. I’m the type of collector who almost never sells anything.

So, I buy high-quality companies when I can get them for less than they’re worth — and then sit on my butt as they increase in value…

For example, around 20 years ago, Netflix’s market cap was only $350 million. Apple had a market cap of $9 billion. And Amazon’s market cap was $5 billion.

But today, Netflix’s market cap is $165 billion. Apple’s is $2.6 trillion. And Amazon’s is $1.6 trillion.

Real Talk: Time is the enemy of a bad company, but a friend of a great one.

And I want to help you build your business collection with great ones — just like I do for my Alpha Investor subscribers…

Up to Bat

I look for businesses with huge industry tailwinds and outstanding CEOs … when they trade at bargain prices.

We add these companies to our model portfolio because they’re set to soar in value over the long term — despite any rising inflation or geopolitical events.

Eventually, prices will catch up to the worth of the businesses again.

And many investors who are sitting on the sidelines now will be late to the game. They’ll end up buying all-star companies at high prices.

But Alpha Investors know that when others panic, it’s the perfect opportunity to collect even more shares of great companies at bargain prices.

With Mr. Market’s recent markdowns, a few of our holdings are trading at very attractive prices.

And if you aren’t a member yet, you can find out how to join and access my shopping list right here.

Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor

P.S. Were you a collector when you were a kid, too?

Send me a picture or let me know what other collections you have in addition to your portfolio by writing in at!