What a wild day in the markets yesterday…We got the much-anticipated rate hike out of the Federal Reserve and the market took it in stride, rallying on the news.This was great to see. It tells us the market has come to terms with the Fed raising rates steadily throughout the year.That’s one curveball out of the way… Now all we gotta do is stay focused on our analysis to spot major trends developing in certain stocks.Of course, that’s exactly what I do in my Bank It or Tank It video series.And I have a brand-new video for you today.The stock we’re looking at today has fallen off a cliff in recent months. Shares have dropped 75%.Recently, I’ve been showing you how some of these stocks are ripe for bottom-fishing… and now’s the time to pull the trigger.What we’re looking at today is a similar story. This stock could rip alongside a broad market recovery.Click here to watch my latest Bank It or Tank It video, and get the ticker for yourself…

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Today, I break down everything from the company’s net income and revenues, to looking at their competitors and sentiment analysis, before we break it all down on the stock’s price chart.At the end of the day, it’s a complete look at a company that’s seeing wild moves in the market.Think of it as your playbook for the stock. Because in a volatile market like this, it’s easy to get sidetracked.It’s easy to start bottom-fishing companies that have dropped 70% or 80% and just throw a dart.But that’s bad practice…That’s like gambling on an earnings report — you’re just rolling the dice.You want to continue doing your due diligence, even on beaten-down stocks. And stick to your favorite strategies.That’s how I’m navigating this difficult market in Quick Hit Profits as we uncover the most profitable earnings trades in the market.In fact, I just issued a new alert yesterday on a beaten-down automaker.But next week there’s even more opportunities tied to technical analysis in the market.And it all comes back to my favorite options trading strategy — a whole new way to trade earnings reports that cuts out all the stress, frustration… and has outperformed the market 3-to-1 since I started using it.This will be essential for the busy earnings season that’s right around the corner. Click here to learn more.Regards,Chad Shoop, CMTEditor, Quick Hit Profits