Bitcoin soared 40% to start the year — after a jaw-dropping 300% rally in 2020 — before sliding 20% over the last few weeks.

So are we headed for a repeat 80% plunge, as in 2018? Or is another surge to new all-time highs possible?

Watch today’s Your Money Matters to hear both sides of the argument as our very own Chartered Market Technician Clint Lee goes toe-to-toe with Ted.

You Decide

Who makes the stronger case, Ted or Clint? Tell us who you think won the battle in the YouTube comments section!

This week you’ll discover:

  • The charts that could signal more Bitcoin profits ahead. (0:58-6:08)
  • One glaring reason that bitcoin can’t replace fiat currency any time soon. (6:17-11:20)
  • Why bitcoin could have more utility value than gold. (11:28-12:28)

To watch the video, click here or click on the image below:

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