Stock gains this week have helped U.S. benchmarks recover from September’s big losses.

Part of that is renewed hope for fiscal stimulus, but I don’t see that happening.

The fact is, Wall Street’s now more confident we won’t see a contested election. So big firms like Goldman Sachs have turned bullish on the prospects for a government in Washington that can get things done.

But U.S. equities are overpriced. Any gains here at home will be modest at best. By contrast, many foreign stock markets are undervalued.

That means the smart money will start looking for returns overseas.

In today’s video, I’ll tell you which investments you can add to your portfolio now to profit from the coming rotation offshore.

Time for Your Portfolio to Set Sail

You don’t have to travel overseas … or even open a foreign brokerage account … to earn big profits from international stocks.

You could simply invest in the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) I mention in today’s video. But for better returns, take a look at the companies that those funds hold, many of which you can buy and sell on the U.S. stock exchange just like domestic stocks.

In this week’s video you’ll discover:

  • Here’s what’s really driving this week’s market rally. It may surprise you. (0:31-4:44)
  • See the mountain of evidence that international stocks are set to outperform. (4:44-10:55)
  • These two ETFs have already started to break out. That’s likely to continue … hear the best way to use these investments to grow your portfolio. (10:55-13:41)

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