We asked, you answered…

A few weeks ago, we asked you what “American Prosperity” meant to you.

As the team and I read through your responses, we realized one main thing: Prosperity means so much to so many people. Finding true, long-lasting prosperity is such a deeply personal and key goal for you. And we’re humbled and honored that you turn to us to help guide you.

One in particular summed it up well:

Reader testimonial saying "American Prosperity means our nation as a whole and its individual citizens can -- through hard work, ingenuity and education -- provide for their families during growth years and retirement. It does not mean everyone gets riches beyond belief. It means we can, through savings and investment, provide a comfortable life in our retirements. ... We are invested with Banyan Hill since 2016 as our advisor(s) to grow our portfolios for the funds we need now and in our future years. Thanks for your guidance, J.B.

In fact, that’s why we partner with some incredible people. We can’t say too much here. But when we launched the American Prosperity Summit, we were excited to team up with an iconic American leader.

Our mystery guest is one of the best-known politicians in over a decade.

And you’ve loved what our guest has to say:

Reader spotlight showing a reader email saying: "Thank you for sending me these articles. I bought [mystery guest name redacted]'s program. And it gave me a whole new hope on my financial standings. Keep up the good work. Happy trading, J.A."

Thank you for reaching out, J.A. We’re excited for you. And we want to share this message with everyone that we can.

See our guest’s message — and how you can take back your retirement — right here.

You need to watch this video right now. And if you like it, share it with your friends.

Our goal is to bring prosperity to as many people as possible.

Here’s how we did that this week…

Going Back to the Basics

Our focus this week was what you need to know to become a better investor:

The team has enjoyed hearing from you the past few weeks. So a big thanks if you reached out.

We still want to hear from you.

How is your retirement weathering the pandemic? Have your investments helped you feel safe?

You can let us know here.

And be sure to tune back in. We love sharing your notes here from time to time.


Annie Stevenson

Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily