Investors spent the month of April glued to headlines. But the news that sent benchmarks up a tick one day, then down the next, amounts to little more than rumors.

Today, you won’t hear about where I think stocks are headed in May. If you’ve watched my recent YouTube videos, you know my take on what’s coming in the short term.

In today’s video, I will give you seven predictions about the future of our economy after the pandemic crisis has subsided. These are big changes that will impact every aspect of society … and your stock portfolio, along with it.

Tune out the Latest Fad

Some people will tell you to jump on the latest tech-stock bandwagon. But, if you follow the logic of where this great historic crisis will take us, it will become clear that long-term impacts change everything.

That includes the growth potential for the most recent hot stock.

But with the seismic changes, there will also be big opportunities to profit.

This week you’ll find out:

  • Which type of tech “unicorn” is going to be hit hardest by the post-crisis outcomes (10:04-10:40)​.
  • Four fundamental ways the crisis will change the way companies operate (2:29-4:27) …
  • … And who stands to benefit (or lose) the most from the disruption (8:29-10:04).
  • Why investors will decide it’s ok to “fight the Fed” (13:16-15:17)​.
  • And much more.

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