Hello, Winning Investor Nation! It’s Amber Lancaster and this time, I’m back with a brand-new Mega Trend Thursday video for you — this time on automation.

Did you know that more than 80% of warehouses today lack any type of automation?

That’s right — everything is done with grueling manual labor.

But that tells me one thing: Warehouses are ripe for disruption!

In fact, robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are set to shake up this sector from top to bottom.

It’s a mega trend to watch!

That’s why today, I’m bringing you three stocks to ride this warehouse automation boom.

I also dive into:

  • How Chewy, the pet supply superstore, is embracing automated fulfillment centers.
  • The warehouse automation market represents a multibillion-dollar opportunity — here’s when I expect it to rocket higher.
  • The exact names and ticker symbols of three stocks that will allow you to profit from this massive tech disruption.

It’s all here in your Mega Trend Thursday video.

Just click on the image below to watch!

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I hope you read Ian’s amazing article yesterday! It’s all about artificial intelligence and how huge tech insiders (like Bill Gates) are all-in on this trend.

If you missed it, I encourage you to click here to check it out.

And I’d like to repeat Ian’s questions from yesterday:

Do you ever think about the AI behind your Netflix recommendations or online ads?

How would you feel about taking a medication designed by AI?

What about handing over the steering wheel to a self-driving car?

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Amber Lancaster

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