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3 Renewable Energy ETFs to Buy Now

3 Renewable Energy ETFs to Buy Now

Today, solar and wind power make up only a fraction of the world’s electricity generation.

But that’s about to change soon.

Over the next 10 years, the cost to capture and store renewable energy will drop dramatically. And the companies at the forefront of this energy revolution will see their profits soar to new highs.

In today’s six-minute Market Insights video, I talk about the future of energy, as well as three exchange-traded funds (ETFs) you need to buy now:

Ian King has a solar power stock in his New Era Fortunes portfolio.

While it’s only a $100 million company, this firm is in growth mode.

To learn how Ian’s strategy finds stocks with the potential to soar 1,000% in as little as 12 months, click here.


Autonomous delivery will change the dynamic of the food industry, as well as boost U.S. productivity and quality of life over the coming decade.

Stephan Fernandez

Analyst, Automatic Fortunes

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