On Friday morning, I received a quick text from my husband that sums up our entire relationship with his Ford Edge SUV:

It’s the brake fluid. Something must have hit the bottom. My dad is taking me to work, and then I’ll call AAA to tow it to a dealership. The light comes on that says ‘no brake fluid’ and I don’t want to risk it.

Just the thing you want to hear as you start your day.

This vehicle is a sore subject between my partner and me.

He insists it’s great, reliable and has decent gas mileage.

All I see are 12 trips to the garage, countless tows and money sunk in rental cars. And that’s just in the past six years.

Now, maybe I’m being unfair. Perhaps the Edge SUV is reliable and long-lasting, but my husband’s tendency to drive like an extra in The Fast and the Furious has worn down its will to live.

We may never know.

Regardless, I have a new car on my mind. And I’ve been considering what the Winning Investor experts have to say about electric vehicles (EVs).

In Wednesday’s Tomorrow’s Biggest Tech Trends Today, Ian King remarked:

Last year, I made the leap and bought a hybrid Jeep. And let me tell you, it’s fun to drive. I step on the pedal, and it just goes. Even better? It gets 25 miles per charge. All I have to do is plug it in each night. Over the last year, I’ve filled up the gas tank only five times. It’s great.

And in her Mega Trend Thursday video, Amber Lancaster said:

Though I’m a huge internal combustion engine gearhead who drives a street-legal race car, surprisingly, I’ve driven my fair share of EVs like Teslas, and they are exhilarating! I love them!

They’re not alone: 2.32 million Americans have already made the switch.

Even more interesting is the fact that sales of Tesla’s Model 3 may soon overtake Ford’s F-150.

So when Ian asked if your next car would be an EV, I was super curious to hear what you’d say.

You didn’t let me down, Winning Investor Nation. Here’s what you said — from the practical to the sassy! (Note: Lightly edited for clarity.)

My next car will be a hybrid. There are no charging stations and I can’t charge at home where I live.BRC

Ian, I have owned a Ford Bronco, three Ford SUVs, an F-150 V8, and, today, a F-250 Diesel. I love the new F150 Lightning EV but do not have any use or need to buy one since it cannot be used to pull my 10,000 pound RV trailer. Still got to have a diesel for that as there is no substitute … yet! I suspect the new F-150 will sell very well, though, and for many years. I’ve never yet owned the stock but, go Ford! Thanks again for the massive gains on Tesla a while back. I sold all but 2 shares.Brent

I have been planning my EV purchase for over a year … and now that Musk is a [T…p] supporter I will never buy a Tesla. I smile every time another company comes out with a new EV.DM

Currently, I drive internal combustion engine autos. In the next year or so, I will consider buying a new car. EVs need to come down a chunk in price before I would consider buying. For now, internal combustion for me.Michael

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