Editor’s Note: We’re thrilled to announce that Annie Stevenson, managing editor of Winning Investor Daily, is taking the reins on our weekly wrap-ups. With her impressive knowledge and experience, we’re confident Annie is the perfect person to give you a behind-the-scenes look at everything Charles Mizrahi, Chad Shoop and the Winning Investor Daily team send your way. We hope you’ll give her a warm welcome. You can say hi to her at WinningInvestor@banyanhill.com. Enjoy! — Kristen Barrett, Senior Managing Editor

Tickets for Hamilton in Baltimore last year were so far out of my price range, I literally laughed when the price came up.

It goes without saying, I’ve never seen Hamilton.

The Broadway play is a musical rendition of the life and times of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. It’s won 11 Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize for drama.

I’ve also never been to Comic-Con.

Comic-Con International is held in San Diego every year. It’s famous for its book, movie, TV and comic book announcements. It is the mecca for entertainment.

Over the four days it runs in a normal year, it draws more than 130,000 people a day. Not this year, though.

Now, thanks to the pandemic, I can say that I’ve done both.

As social distancing has shut down theaters and conventions, more content has turned to the internet. All of the Comic-Con 2020 panels have been posted online, for free, on YouTube. I’ve been able to watch panels for past and future TV shows and books to my heart’s content.

And Hamilton has been streaming on Disney+ for a few weeks. Remember, that’s a service that costs just $7 a month.

This is part of a new trend that we’re all seeing. Some businesses are thriving. Alphabet Inc. (the company that owns YouTube, where all the Comic-Con videos were posted) is up double digits since January. That’s despite the coronavirus.

And Disney is up 27% from its lockdown lows.

This week, our analysts have noticed the same thing:

  • Charles Mizrahi, one of our top analysts, has noticed a trend in the companies winning during this pandemic. They’re all related to technology. He has singled out one stock he thinks will be a winner in the long term — not just in the pandemic. He shows you in this week’s video.
  • At the same time, our resident Chartered Market Technician, Chad Shoop is seeing the same trend. He covers several more stocks in his video. His subscribers are concerned about their favorite online retailers. Chad shows them which are worth buying into right now.
  • For another perspective, John Ross used his Chart of the Week this week to show us the worrying sign of this technology rally. The market’s moves are concentrated in just five stocks. It’s almost exclusively some of those technology stocks that Chad and Charles covered. The rest of the market is flat or falling. The last time this happened was right before the tech-bubble crash in 2000.
  • In other news, oil cartel OPEC has set its sights on U.S. oil. No, it’s not buying up American inventory. It’s opening the spigots in its member countries. Nationalized oil companies like Saudi Arabia’s are profitable with oil at $45 a barrel — close to where it is now. But North American oil producers aren’t. Natural resource expert Matt Badiali dives into the drama.

Finally, I would like to thank Kristen Barrett for such a warm handoff. I hope that you will enjoy this new format for the weekly wrap-up.

I also have a note of sadness for you. This Friday was our final bonus options update.

We started publishing these extra options updates on Fridays to help our subscribers navigate volatility. But we have been making some changes to Winning Investor Daily, and we think you’ll love them.

First of all, we’re going from publishing six days a week to five days a week. Starting next week, your weekly wrap-up email will come on Fridays. We’ll continue publishing the same great insights from Chad and Charles, and add some new writers to the fold as well.

We’re committed to working for you, our readers. We say it over and over again: Our goal here is to give you the best research available so you can make informed choices for your portfolios. We don’t have a stake with Wall Street or financial planners. We work for you.

These new changes are a part of that. We plan to make our research more accessible, more digestible, and more useful for you. You’ll see deep dives into parts of the stock market that you won’t find anywhere else.

We hope you’re excited to begin this new journey with us.

We’ll keep in touch.


Annie Stevenson

Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily