My son is a good athlete, but he knows he’ll never be a pro basketball player.

When it came time to move up to the next level of basketball, his height and shooting range held him back.

But with hockey, the situation is different. He may never actually go pro, but he has a strong shot, nice puck handling and speed.

He knows he just needs to put in the work to keep getting better.

I tell him it’s the same with anything in life.

You don’t need to be a natural seven-foot-tall laser-point shooter to make profits with the stock market. You just need practice. You need to commit to doing the work to make better and better returns.

But we at Winning Investor Daily know that you don’t always want to be sitting at your computer reading up on the latest financial filings. You don’t want to have to “go pro” just to keep up with your retirement account.

That’s where we come in. We put in the work so you don’t have to.

I’ve been putting in the time to research and nail down market strategies for the past eight years. I’m a Chartered Market Technician (CMT), which means that I’ve completed hours and hours of study for exams and applications for the CMT Program.

Like any athlete, I’ve put years into practicing and testing my skills.

Today, I want to show you one of those skills.

Options Require a Lot of Skills

One of the things that I research most is trading options.

Options are tricky because they require you to be right about a lot of things. The skills it takes to trade options have to be razor-sharp.

We’ve spent the past few months adding this bonus options content every Friday — to give you more opportunities in a volatile market, but also to educate everyone on the power of options. Trading options is a skill that anyone can learn.

Today, we are going to take a deeper dive into one of the most important things you can learn in this space.

You have to pick the right stock, get the right direction the stock will move and know the right timeline it will make that move in.

There’s a lot of areas you can go wrong here.

And for many, this is the overwhelming part of options. How do you find the stocks that you can be right about?

I know it’s challenging because it’s what I’ve spent my career perfecting. To the point that my favorite options strategy delivered a 10-trade win streak in April and May of this year. And we just closed out a 142% gain earlier this week.

And this is why I want to share my knowledge with you in Winning Investor Daily. This is why I’m confident that after all these years, there’s only one way to be right about options — follow a proven system.

Rely on an Expert and on a System

Systematic trading is a very new concept for most investors. Most people buy based on what stores they visit or a tip they heard at a barbeque. And that’s fine. But people making the same moves that everyone else is making are only going to make the same returns.

I love digging into complex figures to find the most profitable times to trade a stock. It takes work and research, but I’m often able to find things that most other people ignore. This means I can set my readers up with the opportunity for returns that no one else is seeing.

This skill didn’t come to me by chance. I’ve spent my entire career building this base of knowledge and honing my research methods. Just like my son who’s committed himself to get as good as he possibly can at hockey, I’ve put in the hours and effort to become as good as I can possibly be at finding the right times to make these trades.

Whether it’s based on an indicator, after a big event or another unique stock market metric, I keep digging until I find the ideas that deliver the best profits.

And not just recent profits.

I want to find trades that will stand the test of time, during bear markets, bull markets and everything in between.

That’s the true definition of a successful strategy.

Following a strategy like this means we don’t have to be right all the time. In fact, I don’t expect to be right 100% of the time. Just like I don’t expect my son to win every game.

Taking losses are part of the strategy. It’s part of learning.

But our winners will easily outpace our losers when we follow a strategy that can make money in any type of market environment.

Anyone can make money in a bull market.

Anyone can make money in a bear market.

But to make money throughout both is an extremely rare find.

Yet, my No. 1 approach to trading options does just that. It finds mispriced options, regardless of the market conditions. And even though we haven’t gone through a full-blown bear market since 2008, I know my system will thrive because I tested it through that time and various other environments.

I’ve broken down my approach and how I make money with options, in a simple 30-minute training video.

You don’t have to go it alone.

Chad Shoop
Chad Shoop, CMT

Editor, Quick Hit Profits

P.S. I wanted to let you know this is our last Friday with bonus options content, but we know many of you have enjoyed these insights. So we are in the works of putting together a unique weekly edition full of options educations, insights and opportunities. Once we pull it all together, we’ll let you know how to join this free weekly options information.