Death and taxes … the two certainties in life. And neither is almost ever welcome.

Now we’re facing a potential “blue wave” this November. If that happens, higher taxes and massive fiscal spending would be all but guaranteed.

So why is Wall Street so bullish?

That’s what you’ll discover in today’s Your Money Matters. You’ll also see how to position yourself to profit. But that’s not all…

Leave Your Politics at the Door

Big institutional players don’t make investment decisions based on ideology. They’ve got one job and that’s to make money — the same goal you should have as an investor. And thanks to major shifts in policy that we could soon see, they’re moving into different areas of the stock that will surge in response.

In this week’s video, we’ll follow their trail. Find out:

  • The one stock market reaction you can always count on following a presidential race … no matter who is elected. (0:37-5:38)
  • The historical relationship between taxes and economic growth might shock many, but not Wall Street. Hear why. (5:40-10:12)
  • So where should you put your money? These sectors are set to benefit from future policy … and here’s the perfect exchange-traded fund to profit. (10:33-11:54)

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